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With school out and the heat of summer in full effect, we all look forward to getting away with friends and family. Whether your destination is a river, a concert venue, or another country, the goal for all of us is making the most out of our vacation time. The

In an effort to improve their own environmental policies, China warned us in July 2017 that they would be making sweeping environmental policy changes and as of January 2018 would no longer be accepting foreign recycling material. Other countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia have followed suit. Not having either

Dami Roelse is an Ashland resident who is the author of an inviting new book, Walking Gone Wild, How to Lose Your Age On the Trail.  I sat down with the avid hiker at her home, where she poured us cups of Chai and settled into the chair across from

At least once a year I like to offer recipes that first, appeal to children and second, offer kids important nutrients without overloading them on sugar or carbohydrates. The breakfast recipes I propose here will likely take 20-30 minutes of preparation time which might be a wee intimidating on a

  It’s that time of year again. Pollen season in the northwest has arrived; if you suffer from seasonal allergies it can really be a miserable time of year. In sensitized individuals, allergens in our environment such as pollen trigger the production of IgE antibodies. These immune molecules cause mast

A long while ago, I was minding my own business, just sitting in a coffee shop having a latte waiting for my child to finish their improv class, when I looked at Facebook. There, in a link, was an article from Think Progress, with this title: “Abstinence Only course in

Sex. It seems to be everywhere-in our ads, our movies, our songs, and media. It’s something we seek (or often avoid), something that can bond us, confounds us, even divides us. We often can’t even “define” it except to say we know it when we see it. Sex (or at

February is American Heart Month, which provides a great opportunity to discuss the most clinically effective ways to prevent cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality in the U.S. Heart disease and cancer combined account for almost 50 percent of all deaths each year and affect nearly

… about your life, I would like to make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Easier said than done, let’s talk about it. After Christmas I thoroughly enjoyed a week away (Whidbey Island in the winter is rainy but so sweet!) and a great book at the same time:

I had every intention to write a column about holiday gift-giving that focused on non-toxic skin care (such as Rosy Glow Skin Care in Ashland, and others: ask a practitioner about purity before you book an appointment!) and stress reduction (massage? Hot tub soaking at Chozu Gardens) and detoxification (Cure