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With the oppressive smoke choking the Rogue Valley this summer, it seemed that many of us did not make it out to the coveted hiking trails and wineries that make everyone outside Southern Oregon jealous. Though the smoke is officially scheduled through October, the haze is starting to clear, and

It seems a bit paradoxical, but sometimes you need to drive to walk. Three favorite hikes that are worth the gas money. Castle Crags: About an hour and a half drive from Ashland, this California state park is worth it for a beautiful day of climbing or a summer camping

While summer means lounging by the pool for some, for others it means just the opposite: Getting out there and going with kayaking. The first and perhaps the most obvious choice is the Rogue River. With several places to rent a kayak or raft in the surrounding area, the 35

We can’t all be the Marvel comic superhero Hawkeye, but Moonbow Archery in Ashland comes pretty close. Moonbow founder and owner Lloyd Canty grew up enjoying archery, and decided to create a business that blended the discipline of traditional archery with the team building aspect of group archery games. We

Images come to mind of a bunch of souped-up Mini Coopers racing along in the 2003 heist film The Italian Job, where the size of the cars made the difference in the scheme. While not quite the image of European cuteness, Dwarf Cars really hold their own on the racetrack.

All natural isn’t just a slogan slapped on meat these days. Nude hiking, an organized Oregon activity for over a hundred years, entices outdoor enthusiasts to stuff their clothing, and inhibitions, in a backpack and slather on sun block in places that hopefully won’t sting, to explore wilderness in-the-raw. “We

Six feet and two inches from the hole and it’s time to use the putter. The weighted, soft burl wood putter gently guides the golf ball home. Thinking about how one gets into making wooden golf putters, dealing with surviving nuclear explosions probably wouldn’t cross one’s mind. But for Bradley

The mountains just south of the California border feature rocky peaks towering over clear glacial lakes, along with broad vistas of ridges and valleys. Now’s the time to hike the trails, absorb the beauty, and take a leisurely swim in those cool, clear lakes. I’ve been hiking these trails for

To escape this article, find another word for “escape” that rhymes with “glee.” The Rogue Valley offers a bounty of group activities from eating out, catching a show or hiking the Table Rocks, but perhaps none as mentally stimulating and potentially thrill-tastic as Escape Rooms, a frantic and fun activity

A summer without visiting one of Oregon’s State Parks is like standing in Giza and not noticing the Pyramids. Ranked in the top ten nationally, Oregon now hosts nearly 50 million annual park visitors. To help stimulate necessary revenue for rising costs of maintenance, a new flexible seasonal fee for