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No more excuses. No high-wet grass to discourage kids from running out on the soccer field. No prohibitive costs limiting families from getting involved. No misconceptions that soccer is only for the elite. Oregon Futbol Academy, located in Grants Pass, now has an indoor facility making year-round soccer accessible and

Between that last morsel of pumpkin pie and racing out the door to conquer the cheapest PlayStation or Samsung, there’s digestion. A walk after your Thanksgiving meal might ease that full belly, along with the pressures of the holiday shop-a-thon pandemonium. The last, and best, course of the meal could
fattest bear 2018

Let’s talk about bears. Huge, lumbering beasts that look cuddly and cute, but are also, pound for pound, one of the most deadly apex predators on the planet. They are big and they eat a lot. In Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Reserve, they claim to have the largest population of

Whether November 6 has you terrified, hiding or seething, change begins with a vote. Turning off the news, joining intelligent conversations and meditating can all help ease voting pressures, as can taking a walk on Election Day. So strike forth, toward the future of our nation, on one of these

When someone sees a real need in an area, like disappearing hiking trails, it takes more than hard work and determination. Revitalizing an entire wilderness takes passion. One of the original founders and Executive Director of Siskiyou Mountain Club Gabe Howe recognized a trail system in decline and decided to

When DeAnna and Jay Larkins met, something profound occurred between the young couple at such a deep level they knew what they experienced had to be shared. A center where they could merge their spiritual philosophies, and heal the body through various natural modalities, became the foundation for Emerge Hot

There is little more invigorating to the soul’s poetry than a hike through a colorful autumn forest on a crisp day, and Oregon trails are quite showy. Grab your coat, boots and water to enjoy nature’s palette on these local trails. Natural Bridge: A popular scenic viewpoint just north of

Few outdoor activities compare to the pleasures of riding a bike. The cool and refreshing wind, the rest of the world flashing by in a continuous, blurring stream, the thrill of competition, these elements can be brought together to bring out the best in us. This is where the 39th

Fall is upon us once again. The days grow shorter, the evenings and mornings cooler, and the trees paint the world around us in their brilliant shades of orange, yellow and rusty red, and the salmon make their annual return to our waters. The Bear Creek Fall Festival will be

With the oppressive smoke choking the Rogue Valley this summer, it seemed that many of us did not make it out to the coveted hiking trails and wineries that make everyone outside Southern Oregon jealous. Though the smoke is officially scheduled through October, the haze is starting to clear, and