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When many people think of wrestling, images of red-faced ranting, flying chairs and other lowest-common-denominator theatrics come to mind, like a Trump press conference with spandex. Yet the “strictly for entertainment” televised junk food bears no relation to the sport with a history stretching back to Homer’s The Iliad. Wrestling’s

New to the Valley? Syllabi making your head swim? Time to hit the trails and forget about student loans for a couple of hours. These Rogue Valley beauties are classics for locals too, presenting the perfect opportunity to observe Southern Oregonians in their natural habitat. Mt. McLoughlin, near Medford Before

Our culture is one of multitasking: food to go, hands-free devices and still for some, walking and chewing gum. Even our relaxing and entertainment typically includes two or more points of interest. Here in the Rogue Valley, wine and adventure go together as well as wine and cheese. With affectionate

Local Artist Pays Homage to the Oldest Trees in the Northwest Just hearing him talk about trees, one can imagine Paul Brown wrapping his arms around an oak and breathing a contented sigh. The only problem is, the trees Brown likes the best are the oldest in the Northwest, which also means they are the biggest. So,

Though I grew up in Grants Pass, my first Hellgate Jetboat Excursion wasn’t until I was eight years old. Family came from out Of town and we had to show them the sights, and the jetboats are arguably one of the best tourist activities in the area. Of course, whitewater

The Small-But-Mighty Hidden Valley FFA Heads to the Revitalized Josephine County Fair Just a few short years ago, the Josephine County Fairgrounds was on the brink of extinction. Some would say Josephine County’s Future Farmers of America program is showing signs of dwindling as well, with only one group remaining in the

Illinois Valley Comes Alive With Dead Folks for Z Day 5k In the world of zombie films, there is a major divide between slow, shuffling George Romero-style zombies, and Usain Bolt-like undead sprinters Danny Boyle pioneered for 28 Days Later. As weird as this may sound on the surface, let’s

Nope, not the spinning like in Sleeping Beauty—this is the bike issue, for goodness sake. Spinning is riding a stationary bike. If you love riding bicycles for exercise, but just can’t tolerate a helmet, then spin classes are the workout for you. Of course, you also have to be willing

Everyone travels by moving from Point A to Point B. And in a reductionist definition, that’s what parkour is. Only difference is that parkour means doing it with style. The freestyle walking, gymnastic-heavy sport/activity/lifestyle employs running, jumping, vaulting, swinging and any other tactic or natural feature available to make the

Game of Rapids   Don your booties and skirts. King of the Rogue, the Rogue Valley’s only current whitewater competition, will take place Sat., July 11 in Gold Hill at Tilomikh Falls (aka Powerhouse Rapid) this year. The race, promoted by Stephen Kiesling, is not just a race to encourage