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There tends to be some confusion about this band: People make assumptions based on their name. One female DJ had said they were not at all what she expected. She thought she would basically hear <roar> <roar> <roar> with a name like Death Plant.  Initially, I also admit that I
Ron Pope: Habits

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ron Pope has been navigating a sea change as of late. On his upcoming album, Bone Structure, he uses music to explain the principles that have guided his own life, which in turn forced Pope to reexamine his hard-fought journey from impoverished child of teenaged parents, to broken-hearted
Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny reveals “Ms. California,” the second single from their forthcoming debut LP Honeymoon out February 14, 2020 on Mom+Pop. This powerful track showcases the contrast between an upbeat, rapturous melody and lyrics that are filled with a complicated envy. Honeymoon marks Beach Bunny’s first project to be released with

“People sometimes like to ask what kind of music we play,” says Tess Minnick, the voice behind The Giantess. “I like to say, ‘dramatic.’” She proves it by singing seductively about a variety of intriguing topics, such as breaking up with Facebook, getting high, and anticipating murder in her home. 

  Some of the best and most iconic music has a specific geography to it—and I don’t mean that metaphorically, about musical landscapes, but literally; as if the exact longitude and latitude on earth’s globe literally attached something to the spirituality of the songs. Take Muscle Shoals, a recording studio
Margaux Bouchegnies is a singer-songwriter from Seattle

Margaux Bouchegnies is a singer-songwriter from Seattle, currently based in Brooklyn. Influenced by folk-rock of the 70s, Joni Mitchell, David Byrne, and Lyle Brewer, her guitar-driven songwriting balances lush arrangements with poignant, soft-spoken lyrics. Cave In is a multifaceted and ambitious single that joins the gritty pop style of Aimee
Melancholic Piano Pop from Kansas City.

Anson Seabra grew up in Kansas City and got started with music at the young age of 6 years old, playing piano. But it wasn’t until he already had a degree in computer science, and a sweet corporate internship, that he realized all at once that music is everything. Anson
a cover of The Isley Brothers' classic.

The End of America’s cover of The Isley Brothers’ Footsteps in the Dark is part of a compilation of covers of Motown classics brought to you by The Falcon Program, a network of college A&R scouts and student-run record labels. Through a partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Reservoir Media,

They are straight guitar rock: guitar, bass, and drums. They stay away from keyboards. (“We like it raw.”) Rickishane is made up of Rick Bolz, a pioneering 60s rocker, his two sons, Shane and Kish, and an “adopted into the band” son, who just happens—and somewhat confusingly—also to be named
Groovy Electro Pop from Germany.

Mainly on the strength of her breakout single ‘No Roots’ a few years ago, Alice Merton has taken the stage at Coachella and had late-night TV appearances on both Jimmy Fallon and James Corden. She was even a judge on The Voice of Germany, and all of it via her