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Not only does he tour the country playing his own solo work, but locally-based Micah McCaw also tours as a member of bands named Seaons (see-ons) and everett as well. His music is described as guitar driven progressive rock. I agree with that, but let me add his music fuses
Starry Eyed Kids by Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker creates music that feels like magic, mixing electronic and indie rock with a gorgeous lead vocal and an existential dreaminess. She uncovers the hidden memories that lie buried beneath your world-weary soul, with a bit of nostalgic reflection towards that last perfect moment between two lovers. Lately, her
Lyric video by CHILLFILTR.

In the summer of 2018, a chance encounter at a show in Venice, CA reunited Brendan Willing James with producer and friend Erin ‘Syd’ Sidney. After having parted ways with Grizfolk, Brendan left Los Angeles for a spell to write and restore in the highlands of Ojai, CA. Earlier this

A hundred shows a year around the world. Over thirty new songs written and produced annually. Multiple instruments and concepts galore. David Block, creator of The Human Experience project, is a performer, visual artist, music producer, photographer, public speaker, innovator and electronic composer. Yet, he stays grounded and co-creates with well-known
Chance Peña: Beyond the View.

Beyond the View is taken from 19-year-old singer-songwriter Chance Peña’s debut offering ‘anxiety & mixed emotions,’ out now (BMI). Chance wrote & produced the entire EP himself, which adds a stylistic primacy to the evolution of this collection of songs – from the elements of chamber pop, and the precise

It is said that the cells in your body replace themselves every decade or so. After 11 albums, two EPs and 17 years as a singer-songwriter, Leeroy Stagger has been wondering if maybe the soul works the same way. Ten years sober, with two kids, he’s so far removed from

“Cool Cat Funk” is an enjoyable listen, giving new meaning to the term “laid back,” and taking the listener back to the less stressful, easy-going moments of the 70s. In fact, these tunes could have been written then. Whether it’s the “Leon Haywood-esque” flirtatious guitar styling in “Tooday Loseday,” or
EMIAH - Scottish pop star.

Scottish Pop/R&B vocalist and songwriter EMIAH has recently teamed up with fellow Scottish songwriter and producer Stuart McInnes, for a series of worldwide collaborations. Not an artist to stay in one lane musically, EMIAH has worked in a wide range of genres including House, EDM, RnB, and Hip Hop. Having

  When you are off the grid, trying to hop back can be off-putting. Consider how my interview with Nazel Pickens (aka Robin Terranova Host of The Folk Show on Jefferson Public Radio) started out: “The phone lines are down,” he explained, “and I had to drive to a friend’s

Near the end of his acoustic guitar set at a mid-August show at The Sound Lounge, singer and performer Alcyon declared, “I have love for everyone.” He continued by announcing his love more specifically to his adopted state of Oregon. “I’m from Connecticut,” he said; adding: “Do you know how many