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The term “movies” was coined for moving pictures when they first came out. And films, also move us emotionally. Short films, featured in the Wandering Reel Film Festival coming to Barnstormer Theatre in Grants Pass on November 17 and 18, are in motion because they travel from venue to venue

When the idea for something new is born in our minds, it is a kind of magic that can take hold of us and lead us to faraway places. The most successful creators have fulfilled their dreams with the support of their crew, their company, their team. For creators in

Hosted by Ashland Independent Film Festival and Coming Attractions, Varsity World Film Week showcases films spanning not only the world, but genres as well. Opening the festival Friday, October 5 is Moving Stories, a film by Cornelia Ravenal, Mikael Södersten, Wendy Sax, and Rob Fruchtman through Wilderness Films. The documentary

Laney D’Aquino is part of a team of videographers and filmmakers who produce trailers for the plays at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It is its own art form, creating short films about long plays. D’Aquino reflected on the challenges and rewards from the job. Rogue Valley Messenger: Creating a good trailer

Bigfoot, The Ducks, Ty Burrell from “Modern Family,” Don Pedro Colley from Dukes of Hazzard, Truffles, and the Klamath Independent Film Festival (KIFF)—all Oregon treasures. For the second year in a row KIFF is the only film festival that is Oregon-centric. And the Festival plans to keep this niche going

The Table Rocks in Central Point inspire hiking, environmental conservation, and, for David Nienow, film. “For me the Table Rocks are an iconic image and symbol of the Rogue Valley,” says the local filmmaker. “I feel that they are next to Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves as one of

In the current Oregon Shakespeare Festival production of Manahatta, a young of Lenape descent, Jane Snake (played by Tanis Parenteau) leaves her family in rural Oklahoma for high-octane financial job on Wall Street, a move that sets in motion parallel stories; one during the early 1600s, when Manhattan was purchased

Local filmmaker Aaron Moffatt both has a foot in the “old”—as is, the thousands-years old nature—and the new—as in, virtual reality. He is currently filming and producing a series of virtual reality films about butterflies to be used for school curriculum. Although often remote in the wilderness, he caught up

Much like a qualifying round for the Scripps Spelling Bee, a high school film contest in the Rogue Valley has been whetting the desires of young moviemakers in southern Oregon for a decade now to produce short films of national caliber quality. The 48/48 Video Challenge, created by local director,