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In 1977, Star Wars comics had their debut through being published by several publishers since the release of the Star Wars film franchise. And in the same year, Marvel Studios established its brand through a series of six-issue of comic adaptations of their film, followed by the release of 107

Ashland Independent Film Festivalcontinues their determination to provide programming at a time when gathering for movies is such a forbidden fruit. Their December programming includes a “screening” of “Love Sara,” available from December 11 – 17, and including a (Zoom) Q&A with the director. “Love Sara” is a pleasant British

Many interesting storylines come in different forms, but there is something strongly satisfying about movies based on real-life events. Now only you’ll understand their feeling but also learn about a captivating tale based on real-life events in the past. Humans have done incredible things, and making a movie about such

Sports movies are a special, often underappreciated genre of film. They aren’t just ways for sports fans to get more of the action they love when the stadiums are closed. They’re a chance to experience dramatic realizations of the adrenaline and passion of live sport, envision new ways of persevering

As Golden Globes are handed out and we creep closer to the Oscars, the folks at Rogue Valley Television, or RVTV, are all abuzz with awards season preparations. On February 8, the night before gold statues will be handed out in Hollywood, local creators from Ashland to Grants Pass will

From its rivers and forests to practices of conservationism and environmental protection, Oregon is well-noted as being green. In honoring this distinction, the 18th annual Siskiyou Film Festival will bring together filmmakers and the community who “love where they live and protect what they love.” “It’s our slogan,” says festival

A film made for a couple million bucks is pretty low-budget these days considering what Hollywood forks out for their Marvel productions. But then there’s the clever accomplishment of the ultra-low (we’re talking micro low) budget project. Local indie filmmaker, Ray Robison, has learned how to keep cameras rolling a

Peek into the worlds of newts, German browns, ice sheets and grizzlies at the 7th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival “On Tour” on November 8. The night of short film, benefitting southern Oregon’s Rogue Riverkeeper, aims to entertain while encouraging activism toward preserving and protecting the natural environment and

As the full moon rises, the doors will creak open at southern Oregon’s Killer Valley Horror and Comedy Film Festival October 12 and 13. The canvas of gory, mysterious, audacious and humorous film shorts is sure to appease the darkest and lightest realms in everyone.  Filmmaker and event founder, Randy

Coming Attractions founder, John C. Schweiger, had the foresight 30 years ago to set up a week of International films that served as a jumping off point for the Varsity World Film Week of today. From October 4 to 11, there will be 14 films from 11 countries presented. The