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Ben Farlow is a local facilitator for SMART Recovery, a group that provides an alternative approach to dealing with addictions of all kinds. Rogue Valley Messenger: What exactly is SMART Recovery, and who might benefit from it? Ben Farlow: SMART stands for self-management and recovery training. We view addictive behaviors

Southern Oregon University’s Center for the Visual Arts Gallery student Gallery Director Hannah Bakken has a massive job. Rotating five or six exhibits in SOU’s gallery spaces every couple weeks, Bakken sorts through hundreds of pieces of art each month. For the Messenger’s Spring Arts Issue, we sat down with

Like a (benevolent) tornado passing through town, the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) has come and gone. But a film enthusiast’s work is never done. For this issue’s Public Profile, we sat down with AIFF Executive Director Cathy Dombi to talk about the inner workings of the festival and its

ASSOU President Torii Uyehara claims she has the best job on campus. Having been involved with on campus politics since 2012, Uyehara fell in love with “getting to engage with my peers (and) the sense of empowerment it gives you when you know your doing something for other people.” The

  Michelle Glass has been Lead Regional Organizer in Southern Oregon for the social justice organization, Oregon Action, since 2014. Oregon Action is a chapter of the Center of Intercultural Organization. Their mission is to build a unified intercultural movement for justice. Rogue Valley Messenger: Can you tell me about

In an ongoing series we at the Rogue Valley Messenger meet with public figures around the region. This issue, we sat down with Alan Bates to discuss Southern Oregon’s political landscape, the presidential race, and living in Ashland. Bates is a democratic Oregon State Senator representing the Southern Oregon 3rd

Interview by Ryan Degan In an ongoing series the Rogue Valley Messenger meets with public officials throughout Southern Oregon. This week we sat down with Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara and discussed his new and progressive plans for APD’s future. Since joining APD in 2010, Chief O’Meara has served as Patrol Sergeant, Detective

RVM: When did you first get involved in politics? Clay Bearnson: I first got involved in politics in the spring of 2012. One of the council members was stepping down due to health issues, so I went for the appointment. After I didn’t get the appointment they told me it

In 2016, we continue our popular Public Profile series with a Q&A with Alfredo Flores, Editor for Revista Caminos, a publication that caters to Spanish speakers. RVM: When was Caminos Founded? AF: Caminos was founded in 2009. It took us about seven to eight months to actually publish our first

RVM: What sets Food Angels apart from other food rescue programs? PJ: What sets it apart from several other programs is that from the beginning I focused on live food. Fruits, vegetables, things that people eat naturally as opposed to cans and boxes. When I started around 1995, the food