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In his insightful book What’s The Matter with Kansas, New York Times writer Frank Rich detailed the paradox that voters in that Midwest state often vote against their own financial interest. Why? The simple answer is that those voters favored more general and proscriptive moral issues, like anti-abortion, over personal

Re.: Medford Blues Regarding the letter to the Editor titled “MEDFORD BLUES” (September 8, 2016), the writer complains that The Rogue Valley Messenger’s list of things to do in Medford is so boring and writes, “You have to be 50 years old or older to enjoy most of these events…It’s

Here we go:  Stepping into a hornet’s nest. In our last issue, we teamed up with Medford Public Library to bring attention to the upcoming Banned Book Week, September 22 – October 1 (see Letters) What a coincidence. About the very same time, 12 miles to the south, there was

Let us make a very important and clear statement about Cannabis right now: Cannabis is a safe, effective and natural plant medicine. This is not based on opinion, conjecture or wishful thinking. This is medically, scientifically and statistically true. “Cannabis sativa,” the true scientific name for “marijuana,” has been in

Be it wine or weed, some people go for the cheap stuff. But there are still plenty of us snobs out there. For every wine connoisseur who delights in the jammy, blackberry nose on their 2011 Tempranillo from RoxyAnn Winery in Medford, there is a weed connoisseur who will happily

Re.: Can Oregon Schools Reboot? It has been my experience (part-time college instructor) that the 2+2 program (or something like it) is the way to go, if possible. Students attend high school and take community college classes simultaneously, and graduate potentially, with a high school diploma and a two-year college

Finally, at the beginning of June, Oregon adults were deemed responsible enough to give concentrates and edibles (in small, restricted doses) a try.  So now, we all can try and figure out what Dabs are.  Broadly, concentrates are any cannabis product where the cannabinoids (the THC, CBD, CBG and so

Sad Passings Since our last publication, the Rogue Valley has lost two important public figures—Alan Bates, a long-time State Senator, and Judith-Marie Bergan, a 16-year member of Oregon Shakespeare Festival. “Judith-Marie was one of our most accomplished and beloved long-term company members,” said OSF artistic director Bill Rauch in a

What Do These Books Have in Common? The Bible, Harry Potter, To Kill Mockingbird, and 50 Shades of Grey. Give up? All have been banned! To note “Banned Book Week” at the Medford Public Library (Sept. 22 – October 1), the Messenger is asking our readers: Do you have a

Editor’s note and correction: Well, what did you expect? We were out drinking when we wrote our cocktail guide for last issue. Field work! But we do we do truly regret the mix-up on mixed drinks. The Play It, Sam and William S. Burroughs are signature cocktails from Jen Akin