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Well, it seems that everyone was too stoned to bother voting, at least in Jackson County. The upshot from Election 2016 is more communities in Oregon have become less marijuana friendly. Here is a breakdown of some of the votes that did and didn’t pass. In Grants Pass, a 1

Recipes from our staff Holiday “Salad” Sara D. Skandera Though there isn’t much salad in this salad, let’s just say it ain’t Thanksgiving unless it is on the table. And it is a beautiful shade of pink. Ingredients: 1 pint whipping cream 1 bag of cranberries, chopped 1 cup of

Tommy Chong is currently under house arrest. Don’t panic; it’s a self-imposed house arrest. Back in 2003, when he ended up going to jail for selling pipes intended for smoking pot, there was a moment when he thought house arrest was going to be an option, and he was so

Re.: Measure 15-161 If Measure 15-161 passes it will raise property taxes by 3 percent which in turn will raise rents. JCVCD has been spraying neighborhoods Jackson County heavily and without proper warning. Did you know? They sprayed from their aerosol mounted trucks from April through the end of August.

As we push through and past the elections, it is perhaps important to recognize that most of us have suffered some low-level stress over the past several months. Seriously! This election cycle has been more punishing than promising than any presidential campaign in recent memory, with threats of refusal to

Re.: Unsolicited Endorsement Years ago, I didn’t know much about the candidates running for Ashland offices. So I voted based on the image I had of them. But when I lobbied the Ashland City Council for four years, I found out that often, the candidates’ public images were very different from what

For nearly two years in my late 20s, I worked as an attorney in the juvenile courts for the State of California. It was heartbreaking work. Most of the work was helping set policies and looking into ways that the courts could be help teenagers, but one day each week,

Although most political attention is tuned to the ongoing presidential scrum between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, President Barack Obama is hardly sitting idly on the sidelines waiting out his final three months in the White House. Nope, he is busy—and hopefully that agenda will include expanding the Cascade–Siskiyou National

Re.: Election Coverage Forgive me. Your “coverage” (read: “lack of”) of the local candidates’ platforms for this year’s mayoral and city council election is, in my opinion, cowardly and indicative of the rot and fraudulent nature of modern media, John and Carol’s sole exposures notwithstanding. I was hoping that the RV

Especially in the United States, it is not even a second thought for people when they go to the grocery store that the fresh fruits and vegetables they buy are going to be safe for consumption. Well, usually (wash that spinach, who knows how long it has been in that