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Last week, Medford City Council presented the proposal for an exclusionary zone in downtown. The idea is that certain persons should be booted—or excluded—from the center of town. Already, someone who violates local laws and ordinances—like sleeping in the park—can be kicked out of the city park for 180 days.

The Siskiyou Challenge is an amazing race, to borrow a term. A five-stage race—kayak, cycle, run, mountain bike and run—it is as fun as it is challenging and bruising. We are proudly sponsoring the race, and have a free team registration for you and/or you and four friends. How to

Editor’s Note: We must have been high. We are very proud of the Best Of issue, but, well, we did screw up a few of the listings. First off, the Runner-Up for Best Rueben should have been R&D Sandwich Shop and Ruby’s. Also, Elijah Elliott from Breeze Botanicals was the

With this issue, the Messenger turns four years old. We started publishing in March 2014 and, now with three years under our belts, I can honestly say that some years are better than others. This past year was our “best” year yet. Why? For so many reasons—but each which is

Re.: Saving the planet Maybe all folks living in Oregon, the Nation, or the World think the same. Certainly, many of us in Southern Oregon think this is the best place in the world to live. But we are also noticing the rising temperatures that the Weather Service reports—over two

Re.:Re.:Re.: Sarcastic weed This letter is in response to Daniel MacSweeney’s December 15 submission and to Michael Johnson’s January 5 submission. It is my impression that many folks in the marijuana industry (such as Mr. Johnson) perceive the public of the Rogue Valley to be overwhelmingly accepting of their presence

In late January, a few fliers—simple black text on a white background—showed up on utility poles around Ashland. They read “a storm is coming,” and featured the silhouette of an army man, with a swastika emblazed into his helmet. Some of the posters also included a Twitter handle, and police

Resisting!   (From voicemail): I enjoy your paper and I really love your event section and I just finished reading a couple of food reviews and there’s no address or phone number listed for Onyx. So I just want you to be really helpful if you listed that information when

Without Lex Luther, Clark Kent was just a mild-manner newspaper reporter (although we’d like to think that a mild manner newspaperman is something powerful as well). And, with that in mind, as America has adjusted to a new president over the past several weeks, we have been encouraged and impressed

Re.: Jacksonville Development Preservation of a National Historic Landmark verses development has come to the forefront in Jacksonville as building contractors, real estate brokers and city government move forward with plans to increase the city density and ultimately, open urban expansion. In 2008, new building codes were legalized to allow an