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Re: Rogue Sound The Legendary Goodtimes are a great band I thoroughly enjoy recording! Buy this CD album, you will love it. Just one correction, the band recorded their two albums with Mark Thomas Johnson at Bluejay Productions in Jacksonville, Oregon.   Re: Dining Guide Just like to submit a

ANNOUNCEMENT We are looking fer a qulity copy editor: Do you have an eagle’s eye for typos and a nose for grammar? (And InDesign as a program on your computer.) A couple hours every other week. Send a note to     LETTERS Re.: THE OSCARS Leonardo DiCaprio is

Love Notes To Kelli M, RCC Art Star: I’m wildly in love with you. -JP   RE.: Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal Ryan: Appreciated your recent story that mentioned our study on federal lands and county growth. We just updated it. A study released this week by Headwaters Economics found that rural

RE: PUBLIC PROFILE Awesome! It sounds like Mr. Stine has the right priorities. I just read/heard 1 out of 10 Medford children are homeless, one of the highest rates in the nation … (probably needs substantiation). Obviously though, there are homeless people everywhere and homeless person freezing to death isn’t

      LETTERS Re.: Global Warming The International Monetary Fund is as conservative an organization as exists.  In relation to our warming climate, IMF Head Christine Lagarde, remarked that “future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried, and grilled.” The cost of our failure to address global warming will be borne

Josh Gross, Editor My favorite snack is string cheese. But like so many snacks, it’s not eaten in the kitchen. And when recently deep-cleaning my apartment I realized just how many string cheese wrappers I had hidden rather than throwing away. And it was pretty gross. So I’m resolving not

Re.: Here Weed Go Again I don’t know that a ban is in order but some regulations. For example, requiring that if you are going to have an indoor grow, or outdoor, that they require a permit, and inspection. That would give a couple of people jobs. With a very

  Gingerbread Jubilee Best of Show “My Secret Garden,” created by Rebecca DiCero       Re.: Wellness column I was somewhat dismayed by the recent article by Deborah Gordon entitled “Pass the Meat?” Dr. Gordon neglected to mention that the recent claim regarding the dangers of eating meat applies

Re.: S*** Sandwich: Van Diesel’s Out of Gas in The Last Witch Hunter I was just reading the Messenger and came across Ned Lannamar’s review of Vin Diesel. It is weird to open a newspaper and have someone in the first sentence cussing and then the first paragraph taking God’s

BEST COSTUME? Submit photos of your sexiest or scariest Halloween costume, and win a prize: A $20 gift certificate to Uber Herbal. Don’t know what to wear yet? Check out our flow chart to help you decide!   Our Favorite Halloween Jokes Did you hear the one about the skeleton