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Editor’s note and correction: Well, what did you expect? We were out drinking when we wrote our cocktail guide for last issue. Field work! But we do we do truly regret the mix-up on mixed drinks. The Play It, Sam and William S. Burroughs are signature cocktails from Jen Akin

Re.: The Day The Music Died (in Ashland) A music scene is not defined by a single genre of music and calling it dead is a disservice to the musicians and the venues that work successfully at providing it. Venues come and go in this valley rest assured there will

Editor’s Note: We goofed up. In our last Drink Local column, a photo of Robert Trottman, the generous outgoing and informative “wine educator” at Ledger David, was misidentified as Rob Folin, who is a winemaker of Folin Vineyards. Our apologies. Both men are wonderful sources of wine information and we

Editor’s Apology: A photo in last issue’s profile of the Medford Rogues (go home team!) did not properly credit Al Case with the very fine picture of a pitcher pitching.   Re.: Ordinances Ban Smoking, Sidewalk Obstruction in Downtown Ashland I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s rights. I just

  Re.: E. Nevada Bridge: In your article, you quote Mike Faugh as saying “We got the grant because it’s multi-modal.” I don’t think it was accurate for him to infer that the federal grant “might not be applicable to a bridge that didn’t permit vehicles.” We believe otherwise: We

For our July Fourth issue, we’re asking you: What is the most patriotic act you’ve done lately? Or, who is the most patriotic person you know? Submit an answer, and win tickets for a home game at Medford Rogues!  Re.: Measure 14-151 Passes! Yes, thanks while property owners are setting up

Re.: Medford Homeless Encampment Thank you for the article. There are obviously opposing positions, for legitimate reasons. I think (if it’s not already happening) a strategic study must be created: who are the homeless (demographics), costs to our region (hard and soft), and precedences created in other cities/towns that might

Re.: Vietgone” is a Total and Refreshing Shift of Perspective As one of the “dusty old relics” who have seen this awesome show, I need to tell you that while I was not offended by anything in the play, I was offended by your age’ist remarks. If you’re going to

Re: A Vote For Public Transit In the Rogue Valley, transportation is a substantial part of our regional emissions: 30%. One way to reduce local emissions is to maintain a healthy local public transit system. Unfortunately, local funding for Rogue Valley Transit District (RVTD) has not changed in 30 years. Because of inflation,

Re.: Coal, Coal, Go Away! Will Ashland give up as a “Natural Gas Community”? During this long pipeline debate Jordan Cove few mentioned that Jackson County is a special natural gas county, that includes the university in Ashland, the gas powered RVTD buses, county compressed gas fuel station, and the