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Re.: The Day The Music Died (in Ashland) A music scene is not defined by a single genre of music and calling it dead is a disservice to the musicians and the venues that work successfully at providing it. Venues come and go in this valley rest assured there will

Editor’s Note: We goofed up. In our last Drink Local column, a photo of Robert Trottman, the generous outgoing and informative “wine educator” at Ledger David, was misidentified as Rob Folin, who is a winemaker of Folin Vineyards. Our apologies. Both men are wonderful sources of wine information and we

Editor’s Apology: A photo in last issue’s profile of the Medford Rogues (go home team!) did not properly credit Al Case with the very fine picture of a pitcher pitching.   Re.: Ordinances Ban Smoking, Sidewalk Obstruction in Downtown Ashland I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s rights. I just

  Re.: E. Nevada Bridge: In your article, you quote Mike Faugh as saying “We got the grant because it’s multi-modal.” I don’t think it was accurate for him to infer that the federal grant “might not be applicable to a bridge that didn’t permit vehicles.” We believe otherwise: We

For our July Fourth issue, we’re asking you: What is the most patriotic act you’ve done lately? Or, who is the most patriotic person you know? Submit an answer, and win tickets for a home game at Medford Rogues!  Re.: Measure 14-151 Passes! Yes, thanks while property owners are setting up

Re.: Medford Homeless Encampment Thank you for the article. There are obviously opposing positions, for legitimate reasons. I think (if it’s not already happening) a strategic study must be created: who are the homeless (demographics), costs to our region (hard and soft), and precedences created in other cities/towns that might

Re.: Vietgone” is a Total and Refreshing Shift of Perspective As one of the “dusty old relics” who have seen this awesome show, I need to tell you that while I was not offended by anything in the play, I was offended by your age’ist remarks. If you’re going to

Re: A Vote For Public Transit In the Rogue Valley, transportation is a substantial part of our regional emissions: 30%. One way to reduce local emissions is to maintain a healthy local public transit system. Unfortunately, local funding for Rogue Valley Transit District (RVTD) has not changed in 30 years. Because of inflation,

Re.: Coal, Coal, Go Away! Will Ashland give up as a “Natural Gas Community”? During this long pipeline debate Jordan Cove few mentioned that Jackson County is a special natural gas county, that includes the university in Ashland, the gas powered RVTD buses, county compressed gas fuel station, and the

Re: Rogue Sound The Legendary Goodtimes are a great band I thoroughly enjoy recording! Buy this CD album, you will love it. Just one correction, the band recorded their two albums with Mark Thomas Johnson at Bluejay Productions in Jacksonville, Oregon.   Re: Dining Guide Just like to submit a