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Re.: Jacksonville Development Preservation of a National Historic Landmark verses development has come to the forefront in Jacksonville as building contractors, real estate brokers and city government move forward with plans to increase the city density and ultimately, open urban expansion. In 2008, new building codes were legalized to allow an

Re.: Giving Tuesday Wow! We just cannot thank you enough for hosting the Taste and Give event on Giving Tuesday. That brainchild was just another wonderful way that RVM touches the southern Oregon community. Since it was a new event we had no idea what to expect but RVM did

Editorial Note: I feel as if the basic rule of life is: Don’t be a jerk. It is a guiding principal. But for the past several months, someone or people have been jerking around our distribution boxes. Please stop. Or, do us a favor: If you see our boxes messed

Recipes from our staff Holiday “Salad” Sara D. Skandera Though there isn’t much salad in this salad, let’s just say it ain’t Thanksgiving unless it is on the table. And it is a beautiful shade of pink. Ingredients: 1 pint whipping cream 1 bag of cranberries, chopped 1 cup of

Re.: Measure 15-161 If Measure 15-161 passes it will raise property taxes by 3 percent which in turn will raise rents. JCVCD has been spraying neighborhoods Jackson County heavily and without proper warning. Did you know? They sprayed from their aerosol mounted trucks from April through the end of August.

Re.: Unsolicited Endorsement Years ago, I didn’t know much about the candidates running for Ashland offices. So I voted based on the image I had of them. But when I lobbied the Ashland City Council for four years, I found out that often, the candidates’ public images were very different from what

Re.: Election Coverage Forgive me. Your “coverage” (read: “lack of”) of the local candidates’ platforms for this year’s mayoral and city council election is, in my opinion, cowardly and indicative of the rot and fraudulent nature of modern media, John and Carol’s sole exposures notwithstanding. I was hoping that the RV

Re.: Medford Blues Regarding the letter to the Editor titled “MEDFORD BLUES” (September 8, 2016), the writer complains that The Rogue Valley Messenger’s list of things to do in Medford is so boring and writes, “You have to be 50 years old or older to enjoy most of these events…It’s

Re.: Can Oregon Schools Reboot? It has been my experience (part-time college instructor) that the 2+2 program (or something like it) is the way to go, if possible. Students attend high school and take community college classes simultaneously, and graduate potentially, with a high school diploma and a two-year college

What Do These Books Have in Common? The Bible, Harry Potter, To Kill Mockingbird, and 50 Shades of Grey. Give up? All have been banned! To note “Banned Book Week” at the Medford Public Library (Sept. 22 – October 1), the Messenger is asking our readers: Do you have a