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ANNOUNCEMENT We are looking fer a qulity copy editor: Do you have an eagle’s eye for typos and a nose for grammar? (And InDesign as a program on your computer.) A couple hours every other week. Send a note to     LETTERS Re.: THE OSCARS Leonardo DiCaprio is

  Michelle Glass has been Lead Regional Organizer in Southern Oregon for the social justice organization, Oregon Action, since 2014. Oregon Action is a chapter of the Center of Intercultural Organization. Their mission is to build a unified intercultural movement for justice. Rogue Valley Messenger: Can you tell me about

Fifteen years ago, the image of brand-new, tall white wind turbines in the Columbia River Gorge and the Gulliver-sized pinwheels that began to pop up on farm lands throughout the state seemed like some happy-ever-after future, a time when residents and businesses all acknowledged that a couple centuries of coal

In an ongoing series we at the Rogue Valley Messenger meet with public figures around the region. This issue, we sat down with Alan Bates to discuss Southern Oregon’s political landscape, the presidential race, and living in Ashland. Bates is a democratic Oregon State Senator representing the Southern Oregon 3rd

Like a salmon swimming upstream, the proposed Healthy Climate Bill seems to have a battle ahead of it in the Oregon legislature. Although the messages have been ringing for the past few decades—the world is warming up! polar caps are melting!—that urgency has not translated strong legislative measures to correct

The Rogue Valley is a cornucopia of entertainment, from venues to artists. PICK YOUR FAVORITES!

Interview by Ryan Degan In an ongoing series the Rogue Valley Messenger meets with public officials throughout Southern Oregon. This week we sat down with Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara and discussed his new and progressive plans for APD’s future. Since joining APD in 2010, Chief O’Meara has served as Patrol Sergeant, Detective

Pushing for $15 an Hour is the Most Dominant Legislative Discussion As the state legislature began to gather for its session, Governor Kate Brown announced a six-year plan to steadily raise minimum wage in Oregon—and, in doing so, struck the dominant chord for upcoming conversations about law-making in the state.

RVM: When did you first get involved in politics? Clay Bearnson: I first got involved in politics in the spring of 2012. One of the council members was stepping down due to health issues, so I went for the appointment. After I didn’t get the appointment they told me it

In early January—a few days before President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address—City of Ashland Mayor John Stromberg gave his State of the City address. “Nationally, 2015 was a tipping point year,” he began, “by which I mean that on multiple issues a significant number of people