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CircleSnap holds the charm of one of those business ideas so practical and obvious it seems as if it should already exist. Essentially, a picture-sharing App, CircleSnap collects, stores and organizes photos by theme—and not just your photos, but collects photos of your kid from other family members, or of

While this backpack is more about camping than campus, we thought that this new backpack company, ME-2 Packs, was the right person to track down for our Back-to-School Mind Your Business column. Currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign, Candace Spears is hoping to introduce her strap-free backpack to the region. A

Our second installment in our new column, “Mind Your Business,” which profiles local entrepreneurs, checks in with Grant Pass-based Curt Pearce at CP Designs, which designs and sells the Up Rooter, a specialty tool for pulling out small trees and invasive species. Rogue Valley Messenger: You had worked with Tom

We are starting a new column in the Messenger, “Mind Your Business,” which profiles local entrepreneurs. We kick off with Chris Duncan, who is working with Southern Oregon Angels to secure funding to re-launch production for his latest business adventure, Alpaca Guitar.    Rogue Valley Messenger: The Alpaca is a