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I like my Mexican food sizzling and the Rogue Valley not sizzling. Since I lost my home in the Almeda fire, I have poetic license to say this. And there is a fire safety point to my story along with a great restaurant review. On a Wednesday afternoon, my friend

Today, we spend hours at our desks. We don’t just work at PCs but also chat with mates, play at PlayAmo Australia, and even visit museums online. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to problems with health. If you want to avoid such issues, start eating better. These tips will help

Walkabout Brewing Company is a legacy. A second-generation brewery (which, let’s recognize, is rare), Cameron Litton adopted the space and place from his father, an Australian transplant (and, hence, the name, walkabout). Like many sons taking over their father’s business, the younger Litton has preserved some of the traditions, but

Nothing makes for a better work afternoon than a good lunch break. Sultan’s Delight Food Truck at the Medford Thursday Farmer’s Market provided just what was needed for a long afternoon at work, followed by a long evening of volunteering. I had to have the staple—the gyro. Slow-cooked, tender and

Less than two years ago, two married couples in Grants Pass teamed up to start Weekend Beer Company. It was a modest proposition, but grew quickly—and after only four months of operation and pouring beers, Weekend Beer Co. already had picked up enough fans and community support to grab several

Banana, strawberry, berry, fruit and vegetable: just thinking about these smoothies makes you dizzy. Even freshly squeezed juice beats this delicacy: smoothies retain the fiber and vitamins contained in the products without missing any of the beneficial components. It makes you as energized as playing at National Casino or having

You’ve probably come to this article wanting to learn more about some herbs that you can use in your cooking to add major flavor boosts into your food, well let me tell you, you’ve come to the correct place! Sort of. We’re going to be talking about why you need

When I was a child, every time we went on a picnic, it was a special, magical adventure. We always had the same meal. My mom prepared her traditional chicken (coated in crushed corn flakes), hard-boiled eggs, potato salad and cookies. Nothing too extraordinary, but taking it on the road

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many changes this year, both good and bad. Greenhouse gases have been on the decline since 3,400-pound roadsters and cars have stayed in their garage. There was also the sensational story about Venitian dolphins returning to the river. However, as many as 145,000 Americans

When you say “melt” in July, the immediate connotation is high external temperature. “The Melt” I am talking about is a food truck located on Bartlett Street on one of the two pads in Medford referred to as, “Bartlett Bites.” There are several options for choosing what to munch at