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Spring Into Action

Are you tired of legally growing marijuana for personal use only to find yourself as the black sheep of the neighborhood? Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Southern Oregon enjoys marijuana. Shocking, right? This realization can undoubtedly harsh a good mellow. Luckily, with a few simple steps, one can

Some would consider it a crime to not grow something in the ideal conditions we have here in the Rogue Valley. Whether it be a single tomato plant in one of those hanging-upside-down-pots on an apartment patio or a 10-acre Master Gardener plot with a water feature, just consider it

Gather your re-usable tote bags, dust off your sun hat, and strap a basket to your bike—the farmers markets are back in the Rogue Valley. Springtime means a chance to explore the incredible array of fresh produce, hand-made crafts, baked goods, cheeses, coffee, floral arrangements, and much more that the