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Emily Fox, the self-proclaimed “Britain’s loneliest woman” hasn’t made a new friend in a decade. The mother of three recounted her story online, detailing her visits to supermarkets just to interact with other people her age. Though she has children, she claims she isn’t able to connect with them on

The new year is here and we all know what that means… resolutions! We spoke with Chad Hahn, owner and chef at The Haul, an American-eclectic farm-to-table joint in Grants Pass, to get ideas for fun and inspiring new food goals. Check out what he had to say about trying

Only about 30 percent of my patients are men. I don’t know why this is the case, but I would guess that men tend to avoid going to the doctor until they have a condition that stops them in their tracks. Such stoicism can be a dangerous thing. Cardiovascular disease

I remember the day I got my very first iPhone—black, with a gray, 30 percent recycled content case. Three friends and I went on down to the mall like giggling schoolgirls, and purchased spanking-new iPhone 3s. Between squeals of delight, repetitive selfies and informative exclamations, I’m pretty sure we used