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You sure do get more for your money with the musical A Day in Hollywood, A Night in Ukraine, playing at Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass through June 28. The two acts are virtually unrelated, other than the genre of the 1930s. The first half reviews a whirlwind of Hollywood

I’m Ready for My Close-up Mr. Schneider Chuck Close is widely considered one of the greatest living artists in the world, having so permeated contemporary art culture that anyone who has taken a junior high or high school art class probably had an assignment to mimic one of his iconic

Dancing, sex, and Nazis—and kind of in that order, actually. Ahh Cabaret. Whether it was the scantily-dressed women, the dancing gorilla, or those damn rascally Nazis, the early June audience was so captivated by the performance of Cabaret that a pin drop could be heard during those pregnant theatrical pauses.

It turns out that most of the shoes that Americans wear are not made by elves that sneak into cobblers’ shops in the middle of the night. Nor are they even made in America. Most are mass-produced in China (more on that later), yet there are still fine shoe-craftspeople here

Second Annual Exploring Psychedelics to Bring an Academic Focus to a Blurry Topic   Southern Oregon has been somewhat of a psychedelic hotbed in recent years. Groups like the Santo Daime and Native American churches of Ashland have both won Federal Court cases for the right to use psychedelic substances

Monthly queer and ally night, Inside Out, kicks off at The Rocky Tonk Saloon in June Crucial to the very idea of community (and certainly to a thriving one) is a gathering place to bond with the tribe. While many groups throughout the Rogue Valley have defined turf for bonding,

Jeff Whitty Go-Go’s for broke with ‘Head Over Heels’ “This is my new world of outdoor theater,” Jeff Whitty says of the rain pouring down on a gray Ashland afternoon. “The rain and the owls.” The Tony-winning playwright of Avenue Q is hard at work on his new play, Head

Last year saw the debut of an ambitious new event at Southern Oregon University: the Oregon Fringe Festival, a weeklong showcase of all things outsider art, from guerilla theater to beatboxing jugglers to pop-up playgrounds on the SOU campus. The student-run festival is back for its second go and is