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Life. Love. Pain. Healing. Music. Dance. Art. The Human Arts Collective strives to take all these elements to form what its founders believe is most important: Community. The art gallery, founded by Deva Temple and Christal Sharpe, celebrated its grand opening Saturday, Dec. 18 in Ashland upstairs at 17 N.

Want to know what the best breed of dog is for you? Are you looking for a loyal companion or a dog to bark when strangers approach your property? Perhaps you’re looking for an excitable pup that is extremely fun and playful, regardless of the circumstances. There are countless breeds

By providing your yard with bird baths and feeders, you’re showing your commitment to wildlife conservation. In addition to looking incredible, clean bird baths and feeders help keep your birds healthy. Regularly providing food and water to birds builds a strong bond. You’re mesmerized by their colors and songs, so

Do you have some amazing designs you would love to print onto stickers? Or did the countless etsy stores inspire you to look up how to create your own stickers? Maybe you are a little bit lost when it comes to kick-starting the sticker printing process at home? We are

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Photo Credit: Jonas Stewart Photo Caption: The Fairies, featuring, L to R: Emma Parrish, Emily Burford, Samantha Vickoren, Lindsey Vickoren William Shakespeare’s iconic phrase from his comedy As You Like It sums up the picturesque setting for Barnstormers Theatre’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream,

Beating drums, stomping feet and rustling skirts will fill the air at One Eleven Theatre Company’s summer camp finale as 80 eager kids perform Moana Jr., the musical adaptation of Disney’s hugely popular movie. Moana, Maui the demi-god, Gramma Tala, Pua the piglet and Hei Hei (“Drumstick” the chicken) will

As the days heat up, so does the excitement to hit the road, and what could be more fun than to be greeted by the adorable, playful bears of the Evergreen BearFest celebration. A summer favorite, the fiberglass bear sculptures will be on display throughout the city of Grants Pass

In last year’s Besties, Josh Gross was the Honorable Mention for our readers’ favorite local author category. Over the past year, he has completed his latest novel, Summer of Smoke. Taking a page from rock bands, Gross, the former Music Editor for the Messenger, will release off his book with

Sure, COVID has blanketed stage performances with storm clouds, but a silver lining for the performing arts has been than costs for presenting shows has been dramatically reduced—specifically, producing virtual festivals has been remarkable for the savings offered by eliminating travel expenses. (Right? Let’s find some positive spin!) With a

Traveling, exploring the outdoors and encouraging young, would-be writers are what stoke fantasy author Frank Morin’s creativity and help bring his mysterious and magical stories to life. Growing up on a small farm in Lewiston, Maine, where he learned to work hard and dream greatly, Morin says he read everything