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Artistry. Vision. Charm. Prestige. Transcendence. These are some of the words that follow Spellbound Contemporary Ballet around the world. Born in Rome, this highly-acclaimed dance company has been building an international dance community and repertoire that stands out on the international dance scene. Soon, that scene will include the Rogue

  “Reality is not just what’s in front of us and what’s observable,” says local surrealist painter Micah Ofstedahl. “There’s that other side of reality that’s kind of the unknown and mysterious.” Ofstedahl focuses his work on melding the known with the unknown by combining natural science with surrealism––a philosophy

It’s cold and wet outside, but there are plenty of reasons to brave the chill and risk the threat of damp socks this month. In addition to Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and Presidents Day (a.k.a. National Three-Day-Weekend Day), there’s plenty of new art gracing the walls of Rogue Valley galleries,

Part science geek, part raw honesty of Richard Pryor, Ian Harris shoots from the hip. A standup comedian for the past 20 years—minus the decade long hiatus he took to raise a daughter, before storming back for his current second act—Harris is a veteran comedian, but he also approaches the stage

Settling in for an evening of deduction, I was ready for puzzles and intrigue. As a devout fan of BBC’s Sherlock and a reader of Sir Doyle’s original works, I was all business—there was a mystery to solve. But, Great Scott! The opening act of Holmes and Watson Save the

To paraphrase Elwood P. Dowd, “You have to be smart or pleasant. I spent years being smart, but I recommend pleasant.” Pleasant. That is the best word to describe Elwood P. Dowd, and the best word to describe the performance of Harvey at Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass. Many have

Fans have another full year to pine for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in BBC’s fourth season of Sherlock, so to help ease the waiting and separation—Randall Theatre in Medford is on the case; though with a much longer title, Holmes and Watson Save the Empire is playing through February

January is human trafficking awareness month, established to bring awareness to the $9.5 billion human trafficking industry that the Department of Justice estimates involves hundreds of thousands of women and girls in the U.S. alone. Many express disbelief that this modern slavery epidemic is so prevalent in the U.S., let

One reviewer explains that Sheila Hamilton approached the sensitive topic of her husband’s suicide with “a reporter’s eye and lover’s heart.” In All The Things We Never Knew, Hamilton, a well-known radio personality in Portland, re-examines her life with her husband. A decade ago, he was diagnosis with bipolar disorder.

Start your new year off with some inspiration and reflection at these local exhibits. In Memoriam JEGA Stone Sculptor and Artist J. Ellen Austin JEGA Gallery and Sculpture Garden 625 A St, Ashland In 2015 we bid adieu to Ashland stone sculptor, J. Ellen Austin, founder of JEGA Gallery and