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When they started collaborating on their “color map” project, Summer Ventis and Karin Davis didn’t know it was going to get political. Their first piece, “Elizabeth Bishop, You, and Me,” translated said poet’s poem, One Art, into two individual but complementary pieces wherein language becomes color. “We are not synaesthetes,”

  “Reality is not just what’s in front of us and what’s observable,” says local surrealist painter Micah Ofstedahl. “There’s that other side of reality that’s kind of the unknown and mysterious.” Ofstedahl focuses his work on melding the known with the unknown by combining natural science with surrealism––a philosophy

It’s cold and wet outside, but there are plenty of reasons to brave the chill and risk the threat of damp socks this month. In addition to Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and Presidents Day (a.k.a. National Three-Day-Weekend Day), there’s plenty of new art gracing the walls of Rogue Valley galleries,

January is human trafficking awareness month, established to bring awareness to the $9.5 billion human trafficking industry that the Department of Justice estimates involves hundreds of thousands of women and girls in the U.S. alone. Many express disbelief that this modern slavery epidemic is so prevalent in the U.S., let

Start your new year off with some inspiration and reflection at these local exhibits. In Memoriam JEGA Stone Sculptor and Artist J. Ellen Austin JEGA Gallery and Sculpture Garden 625 A St, Ashland In 2015 we bid adieu to Ashland stone sculptor, J. Ellen Austin, founder of JEGA Gallery and

Miles Frode’s painting style is often reminiscent of 20th century cubists and futurists––with a dynamism invoking Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase” in some pieces, and the perceptual play of Picasso’s cubist portraiture in others, mixed with a healthy dose of abstract expressionism. Described by Frode as “Feelism,” his style is

The holidays offer us a bit of a reprieve from the routine of daily life in many ways. One is the opportunity––and the encouragement––to be creative. From snowflakes to gingerbread houses, this is the time of year when kids and adults alike are encouraged to play with frosting, paint and