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  Although each distinct, a trio of artists currently showing at Rogue Gallery & Art Center manage to triangulate notions about the cool and tense relationship between industry and humanity; or, perhaps, more accurately, about how technology is erasing something vibrant in the living. The exhibit that began August 5

Oregon Shakespeare Festival is filled to the brim with talent both in the spotlight and behind the scene. Among that strong list, Artistic Associate Dawn Monique Williams has been awarded the Princess Grace Award. The Princess Grace Foundation’s goal is to financially support promising artists in film, dance, and theatre.

A show that began 68 years ago on makeshift walls in the gym of Grants Pass High School is now a flourishing event displayed by Rogue Community College’s FireHouse Gallery. Through August 25, over 100 artists from around the Rogue Valley will have their artwork shown at the 68th Annual

Many of Ryan Moon’s paintings focus on one person or object, but the background bears an array of natural colors, like browns, greys and blues, that heighten whatever or whoever is the center of the piece. And in this particular gallery event, on July 29 at the Insurance Lounge in

Ashland’s oldest art gallery represents more than just artists, but an array of creativity both on canvases and ceramics that capture the whimsical nature of humans, the beauty of nature, and different cultures. Hanson Howard Art Gallery, founded by Judy Howard and recently joined by Élan Chardin Gombart, holds a

Walking through Betty LaDuke’s workspace, where tall, colorful panels depict men and women picking fruit surrounded by green leaves, is like walking through the orchards themselves, picking ripe pears and breathing in their sweet scent. “It starts with my sketchbook,” LaDuke says. One of the most important things for her

For Art du Jour in Medford, June brings a bouquet of artwork from local artists in the Rogue Valley—and what they are calling a “symphony of colors.” A handful of local artists are displaying their colorful paintings during June, with a particular spotlight on Sheri Dinardi’s oil paintings, and a

From May 9-14, Southern Oregon University will be transformed into a playground for grassroots-based performative fine arts exploring this year’s Oregon Fringe Festival theme: The New New. “It’s a critical call to action,” explains Head Producer Muuqi Maxwell, who talks about fringe festivals’ ability to step beyond a sense of

If you tuned in last time, you know this column, Art Watch, zoomed in on Laura Heit. What you might not know is that Heit’s work is just one of a collection of pieces on display at the Schneider Museum of Art. This group exhibition features eight artists working in

“Animated installation is what I’ve been calling it,” explains Portland-based animation artist Laura Heit on “Oregon Art Beat” last year. She’s talking about Two Ways Down, an innovative animation-meets-art-installation project soon to be on display in Southern Oregon. This fascinating video is an insight into both Heit’s thoughts on her