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Imagine foraging through the dirt in the woods, searching for painting materials. Going to the store and buying mass-produced paint is easier, no doubt, but is it as healthy as what the Earth has to offer? Leah Fanning, professional painter and founder of Natural Earth Paint, isn’t afraid to dig

Adult coloring books have grown rapidly in popularity over the past couple years. Now one can walk into any bookstore––or just about any store, really––and find a shelf filled with books for adults with beautiful designs and detailed pictures waiting to be colored. Chickadee Creative Coloring in Southern Oregon published

When a gallery opens multiple exhibits, it presents multiple mediums of thought-provoking talent to the community. Though the exhibits opened Jan. 20, Center for the Visual Arts at Southern Oregon University will host a First Friday event Feb. 3, showcasing new exhibits by students and community members. “Each artist and

An art exhibit with 30 years under its belt would be eagerly anticipated within any community, as well as a wonderful constant source of original art. Grants Pass Museum of Art’s annual “Black, White, and the Blues” art exhibit has countless talented artists and generous attendees since its first opening

Winter: Done a 15 Different Ways Winter Expressions at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland Once the holidays pass, many look forward to spring, welcoming sunnier days. Art & Soul gallery in Ashland, however, will continue to celebrate the frigid season in its upcoming “Winter Expressions” exhibit. Winter is represented

With freezing cold of winter approaching on the heels of fall, one needs a pick-me-up to cope with the shorter days and longer nights. For Mary Kell, co-owner of GoodBean Coffee, the pick-me-up is in the form of art. “Four years ago…Mary Kell was already feeling the onset of winter

Hands-on experiences teach in a way mere words cannot. This lesson is known well by sculpture, pottery, garden art and other medium artists from Oregon and Northern California participating in the Clayfolk Pottery Show and Sale at the Brammo Building in Talent November 18 through 20. Live artist demonstrations will

Art that inspires conversation and drives discussion is art worth studying and appreciating. From Thursday, October 27 through Saturday, January 7, several pieces of art worth discussing will be on display at Schneider Museum of Art in the new “Women on Paper: 10 Women Artists” exhibit. Director Scott Malbaurn says

Artwork revolving around a Halloween theme can be construed as haunting and terrifying, but also beautiful. From sculptures of old clown dolls to glass-painted pictures utilizing bright oranges, purples, and shades of grey, Halloween-themed art can be regarded just as pleasing to the eye as other, more traditional forms of

  Displaying art in coffee shops is perhaps one of the most democratic art galleries around, an easy way to take the snobbery out of, well, displaying art. Moreover, with every piece of art sold at Café 116, the commission goes toward Ashland High Arts Advocates (AHAA), an organization that