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AIFF 2020

Renee Tajima-Peña is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker whose work focuses on communities of color, immigration, gender, and social justice. A week or so ago, she had a bundle of her films shown on PBS—Asian Americans, the first docu-series on Asian American history—and recently launched the Building History 3.0, an interactive

Well, now every topic does seem to have a film about it: A documentary about a toilet? Nearly two miles from the nearest road, Mt. Shasta’s composting toilet at Horse Camp sits at 7900 feet. A breathtaking destination for skiers and hikers, this popular spot was also chosen as a

War veteran-turned actor, Cristian Valle, plays an all-too-real character in Fort Irwin, as he chooses to reenact a wounded soldier in a hyper-realistic warfare training exercise to help him overcome PTSD. This great short film written and directed by AFI graduate Quinn Else blends his appreciation for documentary and simple

Written and directed by award-winning director Mark A. Levinson (Particle Fever), The Bit Playerisa an enjoyably comprehensive feature film about American mathematician and “Father of Information Theory,” Claude E. Shannon, and the unparalleled shift he unassumingly created for technology and humanity today. The fact that you can text a friend

What would I do if I knew this was the last day of my life? While we’ve all likely pondered this hypothetical question at some point, few of us have been faced with the reality of making the decision—and even fewer have had to do so while seeking solace on

Grocery lists, laundry piles, and endless errands. Oh…the ever-so-glamourous life of a mother! While these types of dreaded duties may sound more like the makings of a horror film than a comedy, local narrative short, UberMom, is anything but dark, portraying ordinary obligations such as these in lighthearted and comical