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Catch the Waves at WaveTonix Wellness

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It is Summer and catching a wave at the beach sounds fun, but what if you could let multiple waves wash over you right here in Southern Oregon. WaveTonix is a new business on 4 th street in Ashland that uses sound wave therapy to improve wellness. Low- frequency acoustic pressure is emitted through a transducer producing a 630 hz frequency creating acoustic pressure waves. The treatment is categorized as non-invasive, safe, and only contraindicated if you are pregnant. I was intrigued especially since the first visit is free. I have no specific condition and was not in any type of severe pain. Yet, I had some nagging hip bursitis and an overly revved up nervous system. Perhaps acoustic pressure could lower inflammation and calm me as the brochure claimed.

I set up my first free visit online easily and arrived 15 minutes early as instructed. After completing a brief intake form and meeting the owner, Kirra, I was escorted through a sliding wooden door to a peaceful space. There were six identical reclining chairs forming petals around a hexagonal transducer “pod” in the middle. My noise-cancelling headphones went on. I figured out how to achieve maximum recline, cuddled under a soft throw, and closed my eyes. The session would be an hour. The “tone,” although still audible with headphones on, was not disconcerting at all.

After about 10-20 minutes, I experienced vivid hypnagogic imagery and was trance-like hovering between meditation and light sleep. Upon completion of the hour (long for me), I felt almost “goofy” and  expected the treatment was done. Let me preface the next part by saying that my body often does unique things. Results: I slept longer and better the night after the treatment and then had a day where I walked through metaphorical quicksand followed by a day of aches appearing where I was not achy before chasing each other around my body like misbehaving children. About four days later, I felt great, but I was not sure what happened. Kirra explained that I might have had a healing crisis (aka herxing). I decided to try three additional sessions for the sake of science.

Even after my fourth session, experiences were similar, but I felt calm and centered when the after-effects dissipated. Others trying the treatment had praise. One man, recovering from lower leg surgery, could walk and stand without pain after the first treatment. Another older gentleman told me he had “out of body experiences” and falls asleep during sessions. People keep coming back, and I do not feel as revved up, so consider tuning up, or out, or staying tuned at WaveTonix.


Relaxing at WaveTonix. Photo by Kirra

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