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Can You Build a Profitable Career Out of Betting?

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There is a lot of money to make from making predictions on India’s sports events, so much that you can build a career. Yes, many earn from sports predictions, but that’s all. Only a few who want to make a reasonable income go further to ask if it can be a career.

Sports betting can be a profitable full-time career, but that will require that you put in the hours and effort. Although the percentage of Indian sports bettors with a profitable career, in the long run, is small, you can be among them. So, the direct answer to this question is: yes, live cricket betting can be a profitable career in India. However, before delving fully into it and making it a full-time job, there are things to consider.

Go Beyond the Amateur Level

If you’re looking to make a profitable career out of sports predictions, you must be willing to advance from being an amateur. At the amateur level, we advise that you learn the basics of sports betting. Any future you hope to have in sports betting hinges on how well you understand the basics. But, it doesn’t stop there; you must be willing to go further for any chance at a profitable career in sports predictions.

To advance beyond the amateur level in sports predictions, you will have to take several courses that help you understand the game better. Another improvement will be investing time in watching the games you want to predict. The more time you spend watching these games, the more you understand them and the players who drive the games.

Good Comprehension of the Concept of Value in Betting

Anyone looking to earn from sports betting needs to understand the value, or it will be impossible to earn. Every industry demands that investors understand what they’re doing, or they’ll be losing more than they’re earning. Understanding the concept of value in predictions means knowing how much you’ll invest, every bet’s risk factor, and the potential winnings.

Your professional betting career begins as soon as you understand the concept of value in predictions. This means that you should be willing to invest more money in games that you understand than those you’re still coming to terms with.

Be Strict With Your Bankroll Management

To build a profitable betting career, you need to begin with a sizable budget that lets you bet on games and meet your goals. That means setting and applying strict rules to your bankroll management and sticking to them. For instance, most professional punters will only invest 3% or less of their bankroll on one bet.

Also, avoid the temptation of dwelling on and chasing losses; count every loss as a lesson and move on. Bankroll management also includes knowing your limit. Don’t keep placing bets and losing, hoping that you’d win on the next. Set a limit on your predictions and be firm enough to work with that limit.

Betting is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Many new bettors believe that there’s much money to win in betting. While they are right, it doesn’t exactly work that way; you have to take your time and learn the ropes before making any decision. Having a betting career doesn’t mean you put all you have on every match; you’ll be cutting your legs from under yourself.

What we’re saying, in essence, is that you narrow down the sports niche you’ll bet on to start your gaming career. If you want to place bets on cricket, be deliberate about it, and the same applies to football, soccer, or any other sport. Also, be prepared to lose more than you gain in the first couple of months; however, don’t let that discourage you. Thus, to control the losses, set limits on how much to invest each week; this will prevent you from emptying your bankroll at once.

Gather Experience –  It is Crucial

If you watch sports regularly, even if it’s just casually, starting a career in betting will go smoothly for you. However, starting a betting career may be harder if you have little or no knowledge of the events of the sports world.

You will need to gather all the knowledge on sports, including the rules and how teams compete. Also, you’ll need to learn about terms like possible match outcomes, transfer rumors, and predictions to improve your skills.


Building a career out of sports betting doesn’t happen in one day or even one month. A profitable sports betting career will take time, but it is possible. You will need to prepare yourself for the first couple of months because those early days will be the most trying. The success of your career as a profitable bettor starts with laying a good foundation by playing on a license and trusted platform like Parimatch. Everything you need to succeed is provided for on this platform, including various games and amazing bonuses.


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