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Bringing WTF Back: It’s Bob Log iii, It’s Bob Log ii, it is Big, it is Heavy, it is Good

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Bob Log III
China Tour
Venue: YuYinTang
Address: 851 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai, China.
When: 17 May 2013
Rachel Gouk Photography

There’s no way to describe Bob Log iii that doesn’t sound like something you dreamed up on ayahuasca. A man wearing a daredevil jumpsuit and a mirrored full face motorcycle helmet sits on the stage playing hideously overdriven blues licks so savage they make the devil appear at the crossroads hoping to buy a few, while playing electronic boom claps with his feet, and screaming into his helmet microphone. At some point during the show, the audience will carry him in an inflatable canoe, and scotch will be served over boobs. It is simultaneously amazing, terrible, thoroughly entrancing, and 100 percent real. But it’s fine if you don’t believe us, because Bob Log iii will be returning to the Rogue Valley for a show at Johnny B’s on May 8, so you can show up and see for yourself. He more or less answered a few questions for The Messenger to preview the show below.


RVM: What was the impetus to be a solo act instead of having a backing band?

BL: I lost my drummer eight hours before a big show. I had a choice. 1. Shut up and go home, OR… 2. Play guitar as loud and as fun as I can with a helmet on my head while kicking my guitar case trying to make the people wiggle. I chose option 2.

RVM: You custom-built a microphone into a helmet. What’s the deal there?

BL: I do not like mic stands. In fact I loathe them. A mic stand dictates where you have to put your head. Also where you have to aim your head. I do not aim my head. My head is free to point at whatever it so chooses while I kick my drums and play guitar.

RVM: Songs or shenanigans? Which is more important?

BL: Both. You can’t really record the sound of people drinking booze from an inflatable duck. So my songs on my records are perfectly designed to make that organically happen in the room while the song is being played in the room on a record. That sentence is amazing! Now when I’m actually in the room,  my job is to make a party. One that will mess your hair up. A party that’s going to make you lose one shoe. A party your mom won’t believe unless you bring your mom. Everybody bring your mom so she knows you’re not lying. As for the answer to your question: Everything I do is to make the guitar parts more fun. Guitar comes first . Everything else is tied for second.

RVM: What is the secret to rocking so hard while sitting down?

BL: No secret at all. I sweat my face off everyday. It’s not easy—think of it as a sport.  I call it Noise Ball. I have been training for Noise Ball for 22 years. I never lose, except that time in Serbia .

RVM: Will you one day take off the helmet and pass the mantle of Bob Log iii on to a Bob Log iv?

BL: When I die, whoever pries the helmet off my head. spins to the right 3 times, shouts out loud “Gimmie it to me!” flings 47 cents at a raccoon, and shoves their head in the helmet gets all my powers. Good luck!


Bob Log iii

9 pm Tue., May 8

Johnny B’s, 120 E. Sixth St., Medford




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