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Born of the Sea, Out of This World: Portal Brewing Is Quirky, But Hits the Mark

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portal1Medford’s Portal Brewing Company and brewpub is expanding, and will open June 1 in lucky, thirsty Talent. In a space shared with Ton-ton’s Artisan Affections—formerly occupied by Inti Restaurant—Portal will operate a casual cookery and tap-house modeled after their petite and artistic locality in downtown Medford.

Besides the run of a dozen or more unique handcrafted brews and a menu of classic western and international concoctions, Portal serves up a rotating gallery of local artwork and (in Talent) a small outdoor beer garden, all wrapped in a low-key alterna-mom-n-pop entrepreneurial package that exudes personality. From the nautical theme borne of surfing, scuba and Moby Dick to Carmen, sponsored competition skateboarder and server extraordinaire, Portal’s vital essence pours forth rich, smooth and complex—but after all the décor and quirky charm, the beer is the main attraction at Portal; all brewed locally a couple of miles away and rotating nearly as quick as the tides. To suggest that the place is fun and eccentric is to overlook this fundamental feature.

Currently twelve taps (plus an Atlas Cider from Bend) include classic to exotic flavors, and something for the most cautious to adventurous tastes. Tub Springs American Pale Ale; Irish inspired Reagan Red Ale; signature Riptide IPA and zippier Passage to India IPA; Black Ghost Cascadian Dark Ale; Iron Pint Scottish Wee-Heavy; and an over-the-top Mugshot Cherry Chocolate Whiskey Sour Stout more than pulls its weight.

As a nano-brewery that sources closer than local, brewer Michael Dimon harvests lacto-bacillin from his garden bamboo to produce lactic acid for sour-brews. Ingredients and flavor combinations emerge rare and unique as the hand-painted growlers at the shop. Portal, a doorway to a greater reality, to paraphrase proprietress Theresa, opens from our tiny spinning blue planet to an ale-rich pathway for evolving new humanity. To catch a quick glimpse of one of these bright sources of light, run fast, to the nearest Portal.

For current pours, menus and events (Drunken Spelling Bees; Drunken Trivia—no doubt a Whale of a Time), check out PortalBrewingCo.com or Facebook.com/Portal-Brewing-Company. An eclectic education is offered in the mere reading of descriptions of brews, and sub-oceanic to trans-planetary consciousness, from full imbibement!


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