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Boone: It’s a Goat’s Life

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booneWhat with the current get-a-goat-to-keep-the-blackberries-down movement, it would seem to many that the species is a piece of cake to have around—much like a fish. But the tale told by Boone, centered on Boone’s Farm in Jacksonville, brings light to the fact that these quadrupeds can be a challenge to raise. A blessing, but also a challenge.

Covering both the birth of a kid and the death of a doe in the first fifteen minutes, the viewer is quickly faced with the harsh realities of farm life. And between feeble infants to a fresh chicken dinner to the farm dog going through the natural cycles of life, you feel the emotions of the animals and the farmers in each scene. Though it isn’t all hard work and hard decisions. There is a bit of comic relief provided in the general goat demeanor, including goats climbing on each other on cars.

Surely the smell of the situation is lost in the film, but the sound is not. Sucking mud, bleating goats and the chirp of crickets sharp against the dull chop of wood splitting bring the viewer into each scene. 


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