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Blurring the Lines with Color: Southern Oregon Artist Pamela Haunschild

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“In My Sleeping Bag
Credit: Pamela Haunschild

Pamela Haunschild’s nature paintings aren’t realistic interpretations of mountains, animals, or forests.

A flock of birds is flying over a canyon, but the canyon is bleeding oranges and blues. There also is an enormous blue, yellow, and pink moon resting on the ocean’s surface, reflecting the bright colors while geese soar before it. A Snowy Owl is gliding over a night sky in the mountains, highlighted by greens, blues, and purples. The owl appears serene as it glides, its wings outstretched, the mountains below it shaped by soft lines.

Haunschild has always had a natural affinity for art, but earned a PhD in social science instead. After retiring, she returned to art full time, refining her painting through classes. She now leads her own workshops and teaches classes to other artists.

“I love nature and wildlife,” she says. “Much of my work is a contemporary interpretation of birds and landscapes. I work primarily with watercolor and acrylics. My work is colorful, highly textured, and semi-abstract, but the natural subjects can always be identified.”

She has studied with artists Kathleen Conover and Mort Solberg. She says they “really encouraged me to find my own style and gave me the tools to help me in this endeavor.” She attributes other inspirations to the outdoors.

An avid hiker, Haunschild spends much of her time exploring the Pacific Northwest, National Parks, and Africa. She especially enjoys the wooded property she owns by Mt. Ashland. For those who see her art she hopes they “get a different perspective on nature and the beauty of our natural world, and that inspires an increased desire to work to preserve that beauty.”

Haunschild’s work is currently exhibited at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland and at Rogue Gallery & Art Center in Medford. Her piece “In My Sleeping Bag” can be viewed at Art & Soul Gallery. She painted this expansive, wooded piece while she was an artist-in-residence at Lassen National Park in Northern California.



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