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Black Metal Clarinets: Stubborn Son Wants to Chase Their Bliss, Wherever It Leads

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The modern musical world is awash in hyphenates, sub-genres, and high minded stylistic posturing. Seattle rockers Stubborn Son took a different route when they formed in 2014: if it feels good, do it. Which in their case, takes the form of no-nonsense bluesy garage-rock in the vein of the Jack White, or The Black Keys.

The band’s guitarist, Garrett Lamb, took the time to answer a few questions to preview the band’s upcoming performance in Ashland.

Rogue Valley Messenger: Why did you pursue garage-rock when the band formed? Was it deliberate or something that arose naturally from the combined musicianship?

Garrett Lamb: Our sound is the cocktail that naturally came out of putting the three of us in a room together with the ideas that we had. The timing of our sound really didn’t have much to do with anything other than that’s just how it happened. We’ve been deliberate with our sound in the sense that we are constantly chasing tones, textures and muses, but outside of that, it’s just about what hooks us.

RVM: So how does that factor into your composition process? What sort of something are you looking for to hook you when writing?

GL: Honestly, groove and emotion. Does the song move us physically and emotionally? Does it convey an actual human emotion? Honestly, for the most part, we just try and stay out of our own way.

RVM: Where do you feel that sort of rock groove and sound fits into a music world whose grooves and sounds are increasingly electronic?

GL: Right where it needs to. On some level, people are either going to love what you are doing or hate what you are doing. We don’t think it’s worth it to kill yourself over trying fit into something you’re not in an attempt to make everybody happy. Just be honest to who you are. We live in a time where everyone is hyper-connected. So, if playing 1970s black metal on the clarinet and spoons is what makes you truly happy, than do that! There are 7 billion people on this planet, chances are 150 of them dig the same stuff you do. Really, truly being yourself is more important to fitting into the music world than how much your music sounds like what someone says is hot and new.

RVM: What does your name mean? Why did you choose it?

GL: The name Stubborn Son is a proclamation, an outspoken decision to bring out the Alter-Ego in ourselves and others. To ignore the risk involved in pursuing your passion and walk away from what’s comfortable, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

RVM: Will this be your first time playing in Southern Oregon. Any thoughts or expectations?

GL: This will be our second time to Southern Oregon, we played in Medford back in September at Howiee’s with Group Hug and Blender. We had a pretty fantastic evening on our last trip, so we are just excited to be back.

Stubborn Son, with Slow Corpse

8 pm, Fri., December 16

A.B. Normal, Normal Ave., Ashland


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