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BESTIES 2020: Best of Wellness

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Best Spa

Bestie: Chozu Bath & Tea Gardens (Ashland) 

Hon. Mention: Club Northwest (Grants Pass) 


Best Dentist 

Bestie: Matt Hill Dentistry (Grants Pass)

Hon. Mention: Erickson Dental Care (Grants Pass) 


Best Physician/Medical Practitioner

Bestie: Dr. Mark Rondeau (Asante, Grants Pass)

Hon. Mention: Dr. Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural Care, Ashland) 

Wise Roots Yoga. Photo by Steve Addington.

Best Yoga Instructor/Studio

Bestie: Wise Roots Yoga (Grants Pass)

Hon. Mention: Rasa Center for Yoga & Wellness (Ashland) 


Best Naturopath 

Bestie: Dr. Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural Care, Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Cory Tichauer (Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic, Medford) 


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