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BESTIES 2020: Best of Beer

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Weekend Beer Company. Photo by Steve Addington.

Best Brewery

The most popular category in all of the voting showed a virtually tie, with the Medford-based Walkabout Brewing Co. edging out the relatively new Weekend Beer Co. by just six votes for “Bestie” brewery. 

Bestie: Walkabout Brewing Co. (Medford) 

Hon. Mention: Weekend Beer Co. (Grants Pass)


Best IPA 

Bestie (tie):
Weekend IPA (Weekend Beer Co.)
Ripper IPA (Walkabout Brewing Co.) 


Best Non-IPA

Another photo finish for the two favorite breweries, with the standby from Medford crossing the finishing line nose-and-nose with the upcomer from Grants Pass! 

Bestie (tie):
Workers Pale Ale (Walkabout Brewing Co.)
Slow Your Row Kolsch (Weekend Beer Co.) 


Best Beer-Tender

Again, these two breweries are battling for your hearts, with only three votes separating the top two favorites.

Bestie: Ashley Crews (Weekend Beer Co.)
Hon. Mention: Emilee Taylor (Walkabout Brewing Co.) 


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