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Besties 2019: Food & Drink

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Best New Restaurant:

Masala Bistro & Bar, Ashland

Honorable Mentions:
Over Easy Brunch, Medford
MOD Pizza, Grants Pass
Ostras! Tapas and Bottle Shop, Ashland

Favorite comment:
“I’m not hip with the times.”

Masala Bistro & Bar

Best Restaurant or Bar with Outdoor Seating:

Walkabout Brewing Co., Medford

Honorable Mentions:
The Point Pub & Grill, Central Point and Medford
Smithfields Restaurant and Bar, Ashland
Taprock Northwest Grill, Grants Pass

Favorite comment:  
“Who eats outdoors. That’s dangerous. You’re just asking for birds.”


Best CSA or Farm Stand:

Fry Family Farm Store, Medford

Honorable Mention:
Fort Vannoy Farms, Grants Pass


Best Chef:

Will Snyder (Curbside King)

Honorable Mention:
Neil Clooney (Smithfields)

William Snyder, Curbside King

Best Brewery:

Walkabout Brewery Co., Medford

Honorable Mentions:
Caldera Brewing Co., Ashland
Weekend Beer Co., Grants Pass
Osmo’s Alehouse, Medford

Walkabout Brewery

Best IPA:

Ripper IPA (Walkabout Brewery Co.)

Honorable Mentions:
Oat IPA (Osmo’s Alehouse)
NW IPA (Weekend Beer Co.)

Favorite comments:
“IPA is for hippies.” “Ew, none.” “IDK what’s a IPA.” “Porter”


Best Beer besides an IPA:

Workers Pale Ale (Walkabout Brewery Co.)

Honorable Mentions:
Blackberry Sour (Osmo’s Alehouse)
American Wheat (Weekend Beer Co.)


Best Cider:

Gold Rush (Medford)

Honorable Mentions:
Apple Outlaw (Applegate)
Sapphire Ciders (Ashland)


Best Local Wine/ry:

Del Rio Vineyards

Honorable Mentions:
Quady North
Red Lily
Irvine Roberts


Best Dive Bar:

Gypsy Blues Bar, Medford

Honorable Mentions:
Lucky’s, Gold Hill
Talent Club, Talent


Best Bar for Cocktails:

Pomodori Bistro & Wine Bar, Medford

Honorable Mentions:
Immortal Spirits & Distilling Company Tasting Room, Medford
Jefferson Spirits, Medford


Best Bartender:

Skylar Bellon (Pomodori)

Honorable Mention:
Damon Clabeaux (Immortal Spirits)

Skylar Bellon

Best BEER-tender:

Manda MacDonald (Osmo’s Alehouse, Medford)

Honorable Mentions:
Alli Prince (Beerworkers)
Erin Acrey (Walkabout)
Brandon Crews (Wild River)
Kelsey Yolo (Weekend Beer Co.)

Manda McDonald


Best Food Truck:

Curbside King

Honorable Mentions:
Word on the Street
CABA Espanadas


Best Coffee Shop for a Date:

Limestone Coffee Company, Medford

Honorable Mentions:
Rogue Roasters, Grants Pass
Good Bean, Jacksonville


Best Coffee:

Rogue Roasters

Honorable Mentions:
Dutch Bros.
Case Coffee

Rogue Roasters

Best Drive-Up Coffee Stand:

Dutch Bros.

Honorable Mentions:
Human Bean
Organic Grind


Best Burger:


Honorable Mentions:
Immortal Spirits
Wayback Burger


Best Pizza:

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria and Pub, Medford

Honorable Mentions:
Jackson Creek Pizza, Medford
MOD Pizza, Medford and Grants Pass


Best Burrito:

Rogue Burrito, Rogue River

Honorable Mentions:
Ruby’s, Ashland
Simple Café, Ashland

Rogue Burrito

Best Thai:

Thai Garden, Central Point

Honorable Mentions:
House of Thai Cuisine, Ashland


Best Dessert:

Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Medford

Honorable Mentions:
Mix (shout out for the peanut butter bar), Ashland
Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant (shout out for the lava cake), Ashland


Best Meat Market:

Cartwrights, Grants Pass

Honorable Mentions:
Cherry Street Meats, Medford
Montgomery’s Meats, Central Point


Best Natural Food and Product Store:

Medford Coop

Honorable Mentions:
Ashland Food Coop
Natural Grocers

Medford Coop

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