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Besties 2018: Wellness

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Dr. Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural Health, Ashland)

Best physician/medical practitioner

Bestie: Dr. Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural Health, Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Dr. Jason Miller (Jade Mountain Medicine, Ashland)


Best yoga instructor/studio

Bestie: Rasa Center for Yoga and Wellness (Medford)

Hon. Mention: Beth Sparks (Ashland Hot Yoga)
Hon. Mention: Sheryl Grunde (Ashland)


Best energy worker/intuitive healer

Bestie: Hari-Om RadhaKrishna (Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Jesse Lee GHHT Hypnosis (Ashland)
Hon. Mention: Chris


Best Naturopath

Bestie: Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural Health, Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Chris Chlebowski (Ashland Natural Medicine)
Hon. Mention: John Ourant (Ashland)


Best cannabis dispensary

Bestie: Emerald Triangle Dispensary (Medford)

Hon. Mention: Madrone Cannabis Club
Hon. Mention: Talent Health Club


Best local cannabis strain

Bestie: Lemon Larry

Hon. Mention: Madrone OG
Hon. Mention: Essence Farm Animal Cookies


Judy Camacho, budtender at Madrone in Ashland and voted best budtender, excitably describes some of her favorite products on the shelves. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best Budtender

Bestie: Judy Camacho (Madrone Cannabis Club)

Hon. Mention: Adam Paulsen (Hijinx)
Hon. Mention: Leo Silva (Emerald Triangle)





Best locally-made cannabis product (tincture, salve, etc.)

Bestie: Madrone OG Joint Packs

Hon. Mention: Dirty Arm Farm Adabinol Syrup
Hon. Mention: Siskiyou Sungrown Cannabis Oil
Hon. Mention: Sun God Medicinals  


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