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Besties 2018: Sports & Outdoors

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Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best local athlete/sports team

Bestie: Sis-Q Rollers

Hon. Mention: Southern Oregon Spartans (hockey)
Hon. Mention: SOU Raiders



Best hiking trail

Bestie: Table Rock

Hon. Mention: Grizzly Peak


Best mountain biking trail

Bestie: Jabberwocky

Hon. Mention: Cathedral Hills


Best swimming hole

Bestie: Illinois River

Hon. Mention: Applegate River

(And a number of votes for “not telling” and “go jump in a lake”)


Best dog park

Bestie: Bear Creek

Hon. Mention: Ashland Dog Park
Hon. Mention: Medford Dog Park


Best park to smoke weed

Bestie: Bear Creek

Hon. Mention: Lithia Park

(And a number of votes for “that’s illegal” as well “my backyard.”)


Golf Course (including mini and disc)

Bestie: Centennial Golf Club (Medford)

Hon. Mention: Stewart Meadows (Medford)
Hon. Mention: Eagle Point Golf Course (Eagle Point)


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