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Besties 2018: Retail

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The Music Co-Op in Ashland, voted best record store, has been slinging records off the shelves in Southern Oregon since 2001. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best record store

Bestie: Music Co-Op (Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Biscuits and Vinyl (Talent)
Hon. Mention: Musichead (Medford)





Best place to buy groceries

Bestie: WinCo

Hon. Mention: Food 4 Less
Hon. Mention: Shop n Kart


Best outdoor store

Bestie: REI

Hon. Mention: Dicks
Hon. Mention: Black Bird Shopping Center
Hon. Mention: Ashland Outdoor Store


Best place to find vintage/used clothing

Bestie: Goodwill

Hon. Mention: Three Penny Mercantile


Love Revolution, voted best adult store, not only sells adult specialties, but also offers various classes on a number of interesting topics. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best adult store

Bestie: Love Revolution

Hon. Mention: Castle
Hon. Mention: Magic


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