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Besties 2018: Food

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Nick Blakeslee, bartender and manager at Common Block Brewing Co., voted best new restaurant, runs food from the open kitchen area beside the bar. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best new restaurant

Bestie: Common Block

Hon. Mention: Ram
Hon. Mention: Pump House





Best restaurant or bar with outdoor seating
Bestie: Walkabout

Hon. Mention: Porters
Hon. Mention: Bella Union


Best CSA or farm stand

Bestie: Fry Family Farm

Hon. Mention: Whistling Duck
Hon. Mention: Barking Moon


William Snyder, owner of the notorious Curbside King food truck and voted best chef, cooks up some savory chicken lettuce-wraps. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best chef

Bestie: William Snyder (Curbside King)

Hon. Mention: Braden Hilt (Over Easy Brunch)
Hon. Mention: Neil Clooney (Smithfields)
Hon. Mention: Mario Chavez (Onyx)





Best brewery

Bestie: Caldera

Hon. Mention: Walkabout
Hon. Mention: Osmos

Best IPA

Bestie: Walkabout 

Hon. Mention: Caldera
Hon. Mention: Osmos


Best beer besides an IPA

Bestie: Caldera (Lawnmower Lager)

Hon. Mention: Walkabout (Workers Pale)
Hon. Mention: BrickTownE (Siskiyou Pass ESB)


Best cider

Bestie: Apple Outlaw

Hon. Mention: WildCraft Cider Works (Eugene)
Hon. Mention: 2 Towns Cider (Corvallis)


Best local wine/ry

Bestie: Dancin

Hon. Mention: Del Rio
Hon. Mention: Quady North


Best dive bar

Bestie: Talent Club

Hon. Mention: Gypsy
Hon. Mention: Omars


Best bar for cocktails

Bestie: Jefferson Spirits

Hon. Mention: Immortal Spirits
Hon. Mention: Alchemy


Danika Hewitt, bartender at Howiee’s on Front and voted best bartender, squeezes fresh lemon juice into a cocktail. P.S. She just started her own alcohol service business called Tipsy Beverage Catering. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best bartender

Bestie: Danika Hewitt (Howiees on Front)

Hon. Mention: Erin Acrey (Walkabout Brewery)
Hon. Mention: Zeke Hudson (Alchemy)
Hon. Mention: Damon Clabeaux (Immortal Spirits)










Best hangover brunch

Bestie (tie): Butter Cloud

Bestie (tie): Smithfields

Hon. Mention: Mamosas
Hon. Mention: Breadboard


Curbside King, voted best food truck, is known for it’s multi-ethnic, fusion foods. There’s not a singular category to describe this food, but all you need to know is that it’s good. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best food truck

Bestie: Curbside King

Hon. Mention: Peruvian Point
Hon. Mention: Ooblies Waffles
Hon. Mention: Word on the Street





Best coffee shop for a date

Bestie: Limestone (Medford)

Hon. Mention: Mix
Hon. Mention: Good Bean


Best coffee

Bestie: Limestone

Hon. Mention: Noble
Hon. Mention: Case


Best drive-up coffee stand

Bestie: Dutch Bros.

Hon. Mention: Human Bean


Best burger

Bestie: Jaspers

Hon. Mention: Immortal Spirits
Hon. Mention: Burger Spot


Kaleidoscope Pizzeria and Pub, voted best pizza, just opened a whole building behind the restaurant just for to-go orders, ’nuff said. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best pizza

Bestie: Kaleidoscope

Hon. Mention: Jackson Creek (Medford)
Hon. Mention: Creekside (Ashland)









Best burrito

Bestie: Rogue Burrito (Rogue River)

Hon. Mention: Mucho Gusto (Medford)


Best Thai

Bestie (tie): Thai Bistro

Bestie (tie): Vim

Hon. Mention: Thai Pepper
Hon. Mention: House if Thai


Some people are unaware that Mix Bakeshop, voted best dessert, has a cozy downstairs, complete with a crackling fire in the winter months. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Best Natural food and product store

Bestie: Ashland Co-op

Hon. Mention: Medford Co-op
Hon. Mention: Natural Grocers





Best Natural food and product store

Bestie: Ashland Co-op

Hon. Mention: Medford Co-op
Hon. Mention: Natural Grocers


Best Meat Market

Cartwright’s Market was voted best meat market, but their selection of delicious and organic specialty food items go way beyond grass-fed beef. Photo credit: Caitlin Fowlkes

Bestie: Cartwrights

Hon. Mention: Cherry Street
Hon. Mention: Eagle Point Butcher








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