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Best of Outdoors

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Best Sports Team

Winner: Sis-Q Rollerz

Honorable Mention: Spartans Hockey
Honorable Mention: SOU Raiders


Best Hiking Trail

Winner: Table Rock

Hon. Mention: Grizzly Peak
Hon. Mention: RoxyAnn Peak
Hon. Mention: Britt Trails


Best Mountain Bike Trail

Winner: Time Warp

Hon. Mention: Toothpick
Hon. Mention: Mountain of the Rogue


Best Swimming Hole

Winner: Fairy Ponds (Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Cantrall Buckley (Applegate River)
Hon. Mention: Applegate Lake


Best Dog Park

Winner: Ashland Dog Park

Hon. Mention: Bear Creek Park
Hon. Mention: Hawthorne Park


Best Outdoor Store

Winner: REI

Hon. Mention: Northwest Outdoor Store
Hon. Mention: Ashland Outdoor Store


Best Bike Mechanic

Winner: Eric at The Rogue Bicycle (Ashland)

Hon. Mention: Vern at Cycle Analysis
Hon. Mention: Get N Gear

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