Best of Food

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Best New Restaurant

Winner: Common Block

Honorable Mention: Ram
Honorable Mention:  Immortal Spirits


Best Restaurant With Outdoor Seating

Winner: Porter’s

Hon. Mention: Bella Union
Hon. Mention: Smithfields


Best Farm/CSA

Winner: Fry Family Farms

Hon. Mention: Rogue Produce
Hon. Mention: Barking Moon Farm


Over Easy & Chef Braden Hitt

Best Chef

Winner: William Snyder (Curbside King)

Hon. Mention: Braden Hitt (Over Easy)
Hon. Mention: Neil Clooney (Smithfield’s)


Best Brunch

Winner: Over Easy

Hon. Mention: Smithfield’s
Hon. Mention: Morning Glory


Best Food Truck

Winner: Curbside King

Hon. Mention: Ooblies Waffles
Hon. Mention: Peruivan Point

Best Pizza

Winner: Kaleidescope Pizza

Honorable Mention: Martolli’s Hand Tossed Pizzas
Honorable Mention: Creekside


Jasper’s Cafe

Best Burger

Winner: Jasper’s Cafe

Hon. Mention: Immortal Spirits
Hon. Mention: Flip


Best Burrito

Winner: Ruby’s

Hon. Mention: Senor Sam’s
Hon. Mention: La Tapatia


Best Reuben

Winner: Sammich

Hon. Mention: R&D’s Sandwich Shop
Hon. Mention: Ruby’s


Best Thai

Winner: Thai Garden

Hon. Mention: Anya’s Thai Bistro
Hon. Mention: House of Thai
Hon. Mention: Thai Pepper

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  1. John Earl
    March 3, 2017 at 12:09 pm — Reply

    Are these all people who paid you for advertising? Best Chef is Way off. Your “paper” is starting to look like a bigger joke than before.

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