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Best Games to Actually Earn Money in Online Casinos

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Online casinos are booming at the moment. Technological advancement has put access to casino gaming in virtually every pocket. Mobile gaming allows bettors to play at any time of the day without having to leave the comfort of your own home. On top of this, easy access means you can play at any time of the day and be instantly connected to a casino no matter where you are. The wide variety of new digital games gives players a more extensive choice than ever and the opportunity to play shorter games on the go.

On top of this, casinos have new ways to encourage gamers to play. Introductory discounts, free spins and double rewards are just a few of the incentives that casinos offer. But with this expanded variety and tempting offers, people are increasingly asking themselves ‘what are the best games to actually earn money from online casinos.’

RTP and variance

For many bettors, US online casinos with low deposit are solely entertainment; they want to have fun. But other players take gambling a lot more seriously. They are in it to make money and want to use any and all methods to increase their chances of walking away with cash. To get a proper understanding of which games are the best to earn money, a firm grasp of RTP and variance is crucial.

RTP means ‘return to player.’ Expressed as a percentage, this is the amount of money that is returned to a player based on how much is put in. The higher the RTP percentage, the more cash is returned to a player. Casinos use a high amount of spins or plays to calculate this rate, sometimes millions. As a result, playing just a few spins, or even hundreds or thousands is not guaranteed to give you the exact return of the RTP.

Variance is the second critical factor. Variance defines how the RTP is paid out. Low variance games payout small amounts more often, encouraging you to keep playing for a longer time. High variance means payments are large but infrequent, meaning you will likely go bust long before the payout.


Slot machines are what you generally think when you think of casino and have been around for as long as there have been casinos. The wide range of stakes and odds means that picking the right machine is crucial or choosing the right online casino if you’re playing from home. If you’re looking for some advice on online casino strategy check out this article from Japan 101 which covers everything you need to know. Slots have RTP rates from 98-96%, and the variance differs from machine to machine. Knowing the machine’s variance, the stakes, and how much you wish to spend should be the determining factors when choosing which games to play. If you only can play a few spins, then playing low variance games that payout small amounts often can be more profitable. If you are playing games with high variance (that pay out more, but less with less frequency), prepare to play a large number of spins before you to see the jackpot.


Poker is a unique game in casinos. It is one of the few games where players play against each other rather than against the house and is the least profitable game for casinos. It also relies on skill more heavily than most games. If you are skilled at poker, it can be a great way to log out of our casino app with a profit. The RTP of poker can be as high as 99.5%, and at the end of the game, there is almost always a winner. Although it favourably leans towards skill, the element of luck is also involved, meaning it holds opportunities for gains even for amateurs. However, playing against random opponents does have its drawback. You have no control over who you are playing against and no real way of determining their skill level. Fortunately, as with any skill game, there is scope to increase your ability. Free and premium advice from other players is available on numerous different platforms online.


Blackjack is another high RTP casino game, clocking in at up to 99%. This high return to player rate is why it has been a consistent favourite of gamers, despite its lack of profitability to the casinos. Although it is less skill-based than poker, making money is still very much determined by the player’s ability. Another difference from poker is that the house plays and can win – it’s not guaranteed that someone at the table will walk away with the money. Choosing a table that matches your stakes and not over betting can a maximise your chances of winning money at blackjack.





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