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Best Cannabis Dispensary. . .and the winner is. . .

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Each year, the Messenger asks its readers to vote for their “besties,” their favorite businesses and personalities.  Our Bestie issue is currently on the stands.  A small sampling.

Best Cannabis Dispensary

BESTIE (tie)               Breeze Botanicals (Ashland)

BESTIE (tie)               Madrone Cannabis Club (Ashland)


Best Local Cannabis Strain

BESTIE                      Gelato (Madrone Farms)

Hon. Mention              Strawberry Fields Sunna (Breeze Botanicals)


Best Budtender

BESTIE                      William Brown (Madrone Cannabis Club)

Hon. Mention              Megan Breeze (Breeze Botanicals)


Best Locally-Made Cannabis Product

BESTIE                      Madrone Joint Packs

Hon. Mention              Ra Cannabis Syrup


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