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Benefits of vaping weed over smoking it

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Dry herb vaporizers are one of the most popular products on the market at the moment. Since the legalization of marijuana, new ways to utilize marijuana have been formed. For many years, the only way to consume cannabis was to smoke it, but now because of technological advancements, there are many ways to consume marijuana. You can use a topical cream, an edible, or even use it in oil form. But, the most popular method now with all the new technological advancements is to use dry herb vaporizers. They allow you to use marijuana without burning the herb and vaporizers have definitely evolved over time.

In today’s day and age, everyone is moving towards a healthy lifestyle and are conscious of what they consume and put into their bodies, so if you are curious as to what the benefits of vaping weed over smoking are, here are some you should know about.

It’s healthier

Using a dry herb vaporizer is definitely a lot healthier than smoking from a joint or a blunt because, with a dry herb vaporizer or a vape pen, you don’t burn any paper. With a dry herb vaporizer, you are not actually burning the herb – you are merely heating it up, whereas, with a joint or a blunt, you are burning the actual herb. It’s important to remember to get a dry herb vaporizer with accurate control settings, something like this, as the more control over the temperature, the better the experience and the healthier it will be. Since no combustion is used to heat up the herb with a vaporizer, no harmful toxins are created in the process of vaping. This makes it easier on the throat as it isn’t smoke that’s entering your lungs, but more of a mist. It allows you to enjoy the health benefits of smoking marijuana, without the unnecessary bad effects.

There’s more flavor

When using combustion, the marijuana is burned and terpenes aren’t activated which decreases the quality of the marijuana. For those of you who don’t know what terpenes are, they are the compounds that are responsible for the way most plants smell and are abundant in cannabis, and fruits. So, for example, when you cut into an orange, the citrus smell that wafts up your nose is a result of the terpenes being released. With marijuana, burning the herb affects the taste in a negative way as the harmful toxins from the smoke inhibit the activation of terpenes. That’s why using a dry herb vaporizer activates more terpenes and enhances the taste of it. Flavors are needed for vaping. The journey for your all-day-vape begins as soon as you find the right vape juice flavors.

More convenient

Vaping is a lot more convenient as there’s no need to carry anything around aside from the vape pen itself. When smoking, you need to carry the paper, the herb, a lighter, or a box of matches and anything else that’s necessary for a smoke. With vaping, its a much easier. With a dry herb vaporizer, all you need is the herb and you’re good to go. The heating mechanism will heat up the herb for you to use and once you’re done, you just switch it off. With a vape pen it’s a similar experience – you heat up the e-liquid and allow it to vaporize by switching on the heat and it cools down when you switch it off.

No smell and control over effects

With smoking, the smoke lingers on fabrics, which leaves a smell behind for a long period of time. When using a dry herb vaporizer, the vapor doesn’t linger on your clothes or on the walls or furniture, which means that it doesn’t stink when you use it. Also, with vaping you can control the temperature, which affects the high, therefore this means you can control the effects, allowing you to take smaller puffs at a time when needed. What’s great about dry herb vaporizers is you will have no bad breath afterward as a result of the lack of smoke, which is great if you’re having a quick vape session before work. It’s also not uncommon to see someone using a vape in public and it’s generally viewed as acceptable in the public’s eyes.

Switching from smoking weed to vaping is the best decision you can make for yourself. It’s healthier for your body in the long run and tastes a lot better than when you smoke it. Vaping enhances the taste and the flavor of the herb as it heats up. Furthermore, it’s a lot more convenient to vape than to smoke as you don’t have to carry much with you. If these reasons are not enough to convince you, then hopefully the fact that it is discreet and you have a lot more control over the effects will convince you otherwise.

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  1. Felecia Kempson
    July 6, 2022 at 3:24 pm — Reply

    thanks for the info, i’m so old scxhool that i’m use to carry everthing with me lol… thanks new technology

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