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Benefiting Everyone Through Art: The Studio in Medford

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Artists Justin Warren and Sara Slawta. Photo courtesy of The Studio.

The list of featured artists at the Studio at Living Opportunities is long and diverse.

Founded in 2004, the Studio was to benefit people with disabilities. Between then and now, the Studio has showcased art by multiple artists, founded a music department, is forming a band, and added drama to their offerings.

“As art galleries in the Rogue Valley have diminished over the years, I believe that art is now more important than ever,” says Director of the Studio Dan Mish. His own art has been shown in galleries throughout the nation and other countries. His history in art is evidenced in his highly stylistic and abstract style. Much of his work is Picasso-esque, pushing the boundaries of nature and the individual.

His role at Living Opportunities led him to starting School of Rock, something he’s always wanted to include in the Studio. “After receiving a grant about five years ago we began a music program which consisted of guitars, keyboards, and percussion instruments,” he says. “I hope that one day The Studio becomes a cultural arts center serving the entire Rogue Valley. The center would be an all-inclusive venue for people to come and experience many different facets of art including dance, ceramics, music, and drama. 

The artwork shown in the studio varies in mediums and styles. Gabriel Lee paints with a pallet knife and brush, creating simple and exciting pieces. Simone-Renee Moore’s work features nature through bold and bright patterns. Mieke Ryneal has sold 70 of her intricate painting since being at the Studio. Her style of art involves applying countless dots of paint with a wooden stick.

These are only a few of artists featured at the Studio. The website shares each one’s portfolio as well as a brief statement from them about how important art is in their life. The artwork and the statements shine a light on the beauty coming from the Studio, both in the artists and in their work.


The Studio at Living Opportunities
12 – 3 pm, Monday – Friday
32 South Central Ave., Medford



  1. March 7, 2019 at 8:42 pm — Reply

    If possible can you make a correction? the Studio at Living Opportunities address is 32 South Central in Medford. This article lists the corporate address.

    The studio is an amazing place to visit, volunteer and makes friends. I hope readings will take the time to visit the Studio.

  2. March 13, 2019 at 9:45 am — Reply

    their website https://modeschuhe.eu

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