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Balancing Family Health in a Tech-ed Out New World

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The culture we live in has been going through rapid transitions. The most drastic change that every demographic is experiencing is “smart” technology impacting every area of our lives.  Most working adults and school kids are required to be on a computer for longer than ever before. There are some very crucial, basic truths and solutions to long-term tech use that all families need to have fair access to, information that the Telecommunications industry does not make widely available or clear.

Wireless technology emits a light wave that is commonly known as non-ionizing radiation or “EMF”(electromagnetic fieldswhich have varying frequencies that interact with living beings). EMF’s are radio frequency waves that carry data used in wi-fi, bluetooth, and cell phone signals. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted from devices such as smart meters, cell phones, tablets, wi-fi routers, and those that use bluetooth.

Our bodies accumulate non-ionizing radiation and slowly, but surely, symptoms arise. It confuses our bodies, making us think we are in bright daylight, throwing off our biological clock and the important functions it has. Thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies have shown EMF radiation to be hazardous to human health. EMF radiation can cause depression by disruption of circadian rhythm, cell bifurcation leading to tumors, and endocrine system disruption. Children are more vulnerable to disruptions and behavioral and sleep disorders are the first signs of radiation overwhelm. Eventually, everyone becomes EMF sensitiveafter long-term exposure.

One of the most important things we can do to help our family transition into safe tech useis to use ethernet/wired internet at home and work. We can also keep cell phones on airplane mode when not in use and in protective silver-lined pouches that completely block out all radiation. Turning off phones and wi-fi at night can greatly help those with sleep issues. It’s our responsibility to teach our children about phone safety and the appropriate time to introduce phones to them, which is ideally when they are mature enough to be able to drive and hold a job.

Even when wired, screens cause bodily disruptions from the blue light they emit. Blue lightis so close to ultraviolet light on the spectrum that, like non-ionizing EMF, it confuses the body, making it feel like the sun is above anytime our eyes look at a screen. This has caused a wide variety of conditions over time, including over-stimulation of the neurons of the brain (leading to neurotoxicity). Apps can be used to dim screens to more natural lighting, though can’t block out the blue entirely.

So, with all this in mind, and seemingly no way around using smart tech for most people, how can we stay connected to nature and allow ourselves to grow and live in tune with our natural rhythms? One of the simplest ways is to take more time grounding/earthing and less time on screens.

Grounding/earthinginvolves walking barefoot on conductive surfaces of the Earth, such as grass, sand, and soil. Wood, asphalt, rubber (like on the soles of shoes) and vinyl are not conductive. Grounding helps decrease inflammation dramatically in ways no pill can. Inflammation, by the way, is the root of all chronic diseases. Natural healing modalities like Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, massage, herbs, cupping, etc.) also help balance our body’s cycles and relieves inflammation significantly. Chinese medicine revolves around the electrical nature of the human body and has developed a system to defuse the electricity accumulation that leads to disease.

The bottom line is, the more that we are disconnected from Earth’s natural frequency, the more sick people become. This explains several pandemicsthat occurred throughout the past few centuries as electromagnetic frequencies were shifted and non-ionizing radiation became more prevalent.

There are many resources to help your family connect to natural balance and health. Simple dietary changes make a huge difference for our constantly adapting bodies, such as replacing inflammatory foods (like cane sugar, pasteurized/homogenized dairy, and gluten) with local, farm fresh products. Stable saturated fats and choline from egg yolks and liver may be highly protective from the damages of EMF’s. Cilantro and many types of seaweed also help detox heavy metals that alter brain function. Nutrition from sources the Weston A. Price Foundationrecommends strengthen the brain, heart, and cell membranes to provide considerable immunity. We can also protect our family with silver-lined clothing and accessories when doing work that requires wireless radiation exposure, especially for those who live near cell towers. Spero protection gearis made to enhance our community’s natural health. Together, we can be knights in shining armor for our humanity!

Eleyah Knight, L.Ac. is a mother of two, licensed acupuncturist, and owner of the Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine. She specializes in Pediatric Chinese Medicine and is passionate about whole family health. She accepts insurance that covers acupuncture, including OHP. Learn more and book a treatment at SiskiyouClinic.com.



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