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William MacBride

William MacBride

When many people think of creative film making, perhaps they visualize screen writers, directors, and production people coming together to create a dramatic feature film, documentary, or shorter independent art film. There is, however, a whole corner of the industry that deals with advertising and brief informational flicks. My conversation

Most often, a traumatic event usually drives people away, as far as they can possible get. To embrace tragic event—and even find the beauty in such a thing—like photographing stillborns, is a daring and courageous act of art. Shannera Weaver life and art has been fueled by a series of

Ed Battistella, chess aficionado, primary organizer of the Southern Oregon Chess Open Tournament, and by several accounts one of the best chess players in the Rogue Valley, is a long standing writing and linguistics professor at SOU. He also heads the Ashland Chess Club, which meets at Boulevard Coffee in

It seems like there should be some deeper significance that Manahatta, by Mary Kathryn Nagle, premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Thomas Theatre on April 1, both April Fools’ Day and Easter this year. Ultimately, it is a play that is remarkable as much for its polytemporal structure as for

  Whether her name is immediately recognizable, chances are fairly good that the reader has already viewed the high spirited, beautiful, and versatile actress and singer Marlyn Mason in some production or other. With a career that has spanned more than six decades, her television and cinematic credits are numerous—and