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Tyrell Trimble

Tyrell Trimble

With folk in the midst of a full force revival, more bands are abandoning high octane rock and roll and picking up where banjo legend Earl Scruggs left off. Rose City cow-punks The Basinbillies are one of many pioneering this trend, infusing classic bluegrass with punk rock attitude. And having

North Carolina based metal group Demon Eye produces a sound that harkens back to a simpler time. A time before blast beats and double drop C tunings, a time when hardcore still meant the occasional use of cowbell.  And Demon Eye will be bringing their riff heavy take on classic

The music in films is now, most often, baked in, inseparable from the moving pictures. But once upon a time it was performed live, as in a band or organ player providing the sounds to mix with the pictures. And one film showing at this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival

Space. The seemingly endless vacuum has captivated the imagination of generations (and proven to be the perfect place for William Shatner to make out with countless alien women). While this awe-inspiring final frontier is deafeningly silent, Boise, Idaho’s own Red Hands Black Feet are anything but. The emotionally-evocative four-piece delivers

  Stumbling drunk into a rock show is par for the course. But stumbling drunk into a rock show by a band that was instrumental in in expanding your First Amendment rights is a rare privilege. And it’s an opportunity you’ll have on Friday, March 11, when Portland based dance-rock

It’s not new news that Portland is a breeding grounds for talented musicians. But bands like the sixties-styled pop-rock trio The Lower 48, who will be performing at the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass on Wednesday, March 2, may also be testimony that Oregon also is drawing

Mondays, famously hated by obese cartoon cat Garfield, are usually allocated for lamenting the death of yet another weekend. Fortunately, though, if you’ll be in Medford on February 15, you can drown your sorrows to the gruff croonings of singer songwriter Joe Fletcher. Midwest born Americana artist Joe Fletcher is