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Tuula Rebhahn

Tuula Rebhahn

There’s no telling what will happen next when a woman unexpectedly show up at her ex-husband’s filthy trailer twenty years after vanishing completely from his life. That’s the short version of Annapurna. For the long version, it helps to understand Ulysses, played by Peter Alzado, a curmudgeon, poet, and recovering

On a recent cool, smoky night in Ashland, nature’s own special effects couldn’t be more fitting for Shakespeare’s genre-defining revenge play. In this updated version of the familiar story, the deliciously dark pairing of drama and heavy metal floats like an eerie ghost above the audience. Dressed in boots and

Phoenix-Talent School District spans three cities with five schools—Phoenix High School, Talent Middle School, Orchard Hill Elementary in Medford, and elementary schools in Phoenix and Talent. That’s 2700 students. Superintendent Teresa Sayre is retiring next year after 30 years in education; 18 at this particular district. Sayre is known in

I was taking an evening walk along the bike path in Ashland a few weeks ago when I heard a strange noise. Shuffling, squeaking, grunting and an occasional “thock!” like a plastic mallet hitting a chunk of rubber. Drawn to the sodium lights of a nearby tennis court, I witnessed

There’s no one word fit to summarize OSF’s marvelous adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s funny. Raunchy. Tragic. Surprising. And, with Sara Bruner’s performance of both twins Viola and Sebastian together in the final scene, it’s ultimately transcendent.  Obviously, Shakespeare never knew that 1930s Hollywood would come to be, but

Filmmaker Aaron Moffat was trekking in a remote part of the Klamath wilderness when he lost his camera—and the expensive, first-generation drone it happened to be flying on. GPS was down. So was the communication system. Dutifully maintaining altitude, the drone glided out of sight. How do you find something

Twenty-five years ago, a young voice actor named Grover Gardner stepped into a studio and began reading aloud into a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Audiobooks were not all that common at the time, but this recording of Shelby Foote’s three-volume The Civil War became a Blackstone Audio staple and a best

There’s more than one way to get an all-natural high in the Rogue Valley. Climb into a harness, throw your sail in the air, and jump off the side of a mountain. Sounds too risky? The birds will disagree. They’ve got this sport mastered, and they’re willing to show novices

My dad turned 80 last month, and aware that he’d survived this long without whatever crap I could have bought him, I decided instead to write him a poem. After penning into his birthday card a few rhyming verses, I assumed, as all children do, that he would love it

Whether you’re a Shakespeare aficionado or just someone who enjoys breathtaking, hilarious and thought-provoking films, Ashland Independent Film Festival 2016 has a little something for you. Three very different screenings this year incorporate some sort of Shakespeare. Top of the list is Julie Taymor’s fantastical, sensual and playful adaptation of